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Incentives for enterprises to migrate to a cloud-based security solution even if they have already invested heavily in classic products and services

CloudAccess is a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform company delivering comprehensive and affordable security solutions to enterprises around the world. CloudAccess offers a state-of-the-art modular IT protection suite with no hardware to buy, software to license or administrative costs. Its monthly service subscription model provides access to a dynamic security platform configured to the needs of each client. CloudAccess SingleSource is the only cloud-based platform offering a comprehensive stack that eliminates cost and resource barriers facing most organizations. Designed for the cloud with multi-tenancy, scalability and high-performance, each product in the SingleSource platform provides enterprise level functionality based on industry standards.

In the following interview, Kevin Nikkhoo, CEO of CloudAccess, discusses 1:1 with Info Security PG, Editor-in-Chief of Info Security Products Guide, incentives for enterprises to migrate to a cloud-based security solution even if they have already invested heavily in classic products and services.

Info Security PG, Editor-in-Chief: Tell us about the company CloudAccess and what products and solutions are available today?

Kevin Nikkhoo: CloudAccess was founded on a simple vision: deliver affordable and manageable IT security services from the cloud.  CloudAccess challenges the traditional in-house IT security infrastructure solutions by significantly reducing cost and risk and with the ability to deploy the services immediately.  CloudAccess provide 24/7 support as well as monitoring services so customers can focus on their core competency.

CloudAccess SingleSource platform includes Identity Management, SaaS Single Sign On (SSO), Web SSO, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Log Management.  Each product which is delivered as a service has a rich set of enterprise-class functionalities and features.  Because of our security-centric focus, we continue to monitor the market for new functions and features and continuously deliver new capabilities.  CloudAccess is committed to industry standards and all of our products are based on well-known tools and protocols.  This allows seamless integration of SingleSource platform products to existing customer environments without the need for expensive customization.  In addition, CloudAccess products can be extended easily with standard scripting languages to meet specific customer requirements, eliminating the need for custom software development.

Info Security PG: How is cloud-based enterprise security different from the classic solutions offered by many existing vendors?

Kevin Nikkhoo: Classic solutions are expensive, difficult to deploy, and require in-house administration and maintenance.  In addition, they require scarce security resources that can understand compliance and regulatory requirements and quickly adjust setup and configuration as needed.  However, this is not a core competency for most organizations.  Cloud-based, by design, is multi-tenant and scalable.  This allows the cost of development and administration to be spread across multiple customers and therefore significantly reduce the overall cost for any one customer.  Furthermore, CloudAccess’ focus on security means we continuously upgrade and update our systems to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. We are constantly improving our databases with the latest threat and risks knowledge so that we can prevent and mitigate any challenge and serve as our client’s best line of defense.

One of the issues that we have been asked is how secure is the cloud?  We spend more time than most organizations to ensure we maintain the most secure environment.  Of course as the security landscape changes there will always be new security threats and issues, and no environment can be 100% secure.  No one can claim that.  However, our continuous focus and investment in this area makes us more secure just by design.  Our physical environment is state-of-the-art certified SAS70 data center with many tiers of telecom and fail over servers, virtual machines, network, switches and storage.  All of this is built to help customer achieve a level of security that is typically not attainable by most organizations.  In addition, our operations center monitors our own network and systems as well our client’s network and systems 24/7/365.  We deploy a number of automated systems to report any anomalies in the environment in real time. In short, we have the latest and the best technology to monitor and manage security. Our applications, standards and protocols keep our client’s IT environment safe and secure. And they get this Fortune 100 scale protection at a fraction of the cost.

Another question we are often asked is regarding the protection of the personnel data.  When we designed our products, we understood customers highly prioritize employee identity protection. Therefore CloudAccess does not copy employee credentials in the cloud.  Our methodology connects to the customer authoritative source to receive authentication and authorization to allow access.  Of course, if a customer requires us to maintain a copy of their directory in the cloud we can do so.

Info Security PG: What are the incentives for enterprises to migrate to a cloud-based security solution if they have already invested heavily in classic products and services to stay secured?

Kevin Nikkhoo: We categorize our target clients into two groups:

The first group is large enterprises that have already deployed in-house security infrastructure but need to augment existing systems with a flexible, lower cost and scalable system. This incorporates user provisioning and SSO of SaaS applications and provisioning partners, customers, and employees, end-users to targeted applications. For this, CloudAccess is a perfect fit. We see these scenarios in the market every day. CloudAccess allows clients to separate external user management and delegate it to the appropriate party without much cost or difficulty. CloudAccess also easily and cost effectively provides SaaS SSO for customers that need access control over their SaaS applications such as, Facebook, Twitter among others, that complements existing SSO of internal applications. Because of licensing and implementation costs, as well as time-to-market challenges associated with the traditional security infrastructure, cloud-based security solutions provide an effective alternative for growth and expansion on-demand.

The second group comprises mid-size organizations that due to cost, resource constraints or focus have not fully addressed security infrastructure. These organization may have deployed specific solutions for a given need, but the enterprise overall security infrastructure monitoring and management is typically not addressed. However, most of these organizations experience the same security needs for compliance, legal or operations issues. At the same time these are organizations are cost sensitive and continuously look for opportunities to maximize value and ROI. CloudAccess addresses a market need for these mid-size enterprises that is not being addressed by traditional security infrastructure software companies.

Company: CloudAccess
12121 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1111
Los Angeles, CA 90025 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2011
CEO: Kevin Nikkhoo
Public or Private: Private
Products: Security-as-a-Service delivered from the cloud
Company's Goals: Leverage the latest technology and industry standards to provide secure, comprehensive, affordable security from the cloud that meets all legal, operational and compliance requirements.

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