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Info Security Products Guide - Volunteer To Be A Judge

These are industry and peer awards. Apply today to be a judge for the Info Security's Awards. If you qualify, you'll be assigned categories based on your experience and industry. Here's a list of judges who volunteered recently and in the past.

Click on the "Apply Now" button below to begin telling us more about yourself.

We will provide you with a private access to view and score nominations that are related to your job function or area of expertise. You may spend anywhere from a few minutes to what suits you best - at your own convenience, any time day or night - at your location from anywhere in the world.


  • You will gain knowledge about other companies, people, and new products, and read what makes them successful

  • Judges can use post-nominals mentioning the award programs for which they have actively provided their expert scoring. 

  • All active judges will be acknowledged on the respective award websites.

  • Judges will receive a certificate of appreciation from Silicon Valley United States suitable for framing.

Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards is one of the more than 10 awards programs organized each year by SVUS Awards from Silicon Valley. Organizations and their PR agencies from all over the world ranging from the world’s largest companies to small start-ups that are only a few months old actively participate in these award programs each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who is eligible to apply to become a preliminary-round judge?
Answer: CISOs, Executives, PR and Corporate Marketing professionals, Industry Analysts and Experts, End-users, and more.

Question 2: If our company will also be nominating for these awards, can someone from our company still apply to be a judge?
Yes. However the judges will not be able to judge their own nominations.

Question 3: How will the finalists be judged?
Most categories will be judged via the Internet using special online collaboration access giving you the ability to review and rate at your convenience.

Question 4: We are an IT vendor, can we request our clients to apply to be a judge?
Yes, please request them to visit this page and ask them to apply online directly to become preliminary-round judges.

Question 5: I work with a PR agency, can I apply to be a preliminary-round judge?
Yes, however you will be able to review and rate most nominations other than the nominations received from your clients.

Question 6: Do I have to be working in USA to apply to be a judge for these awards? Or can people from outside USA apply too?
These are international awards and nominations are received from all over the world. You could be living any where in the world and still apply to be a preliminary-round judge for these awards. If you qualify, you'll be assigned categories based on your experience and industry. As a preliminary judge you will have the opportunity to learn how other individuals and their companies are achieving greater success.

Questions/Comments - send email to help [@] infosecurityproductsguide [dot] com