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Viewfinity helps EagleMed manage its locked down desktops in order to comply with HIPAA laws

Background: EagleMed, LLC is a Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS) accredited critical care transport service. EagleMed, and its sister companies Air Evac Lifeteam and Med-Trans Corporation, collaborate with leading hospital systems, medical centers and EMS agencies to offer improved access to emergency medical care. They are headquarted in Kansas and serve mainly the mid-west, but with the flexibility of helicopters and fixed winged aircraft, this allows them to provide timely transport anywhere in the country.

Challenges: EagleMed operates a total of twenty medically equipped rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft mainly throughout the mid-west region and has approximately 300 staff members. EagleMed’s IT department was extremeley challenged with managing the headquarters and vast remote bases that had an estimated 50 unique applications installed on these remote endpoints. EagleMed also changed its electronic medical records product and needed a fast and efficient way to deploy the software to their remote bases. Due to the sensitivity of patient information, they also needed to move to a locked down environment to ensure HIPAA compliance. Members of the IT team were also spending an excessive amount time on the road to support the Eaglemed remote base, and this approach was deemed neither cost effective nor efficient. Something had to change.

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Solution provided by Viewfinity: Viewfinity offers Privilege Management features that help resolve many of the security and compliance challenges corporations face in managing least privilege environments. Viewfinity offers several flexible privilege elevation capabilities, as well as application whitelisting and blocking to support default-deny application control capabilities. Viewfinity provides the easy to use, privilege management support for mobile workers. Viewfinity does not require PCs to be part of the Active Directory domain or to be directly connected to the corporate network in order to activate policies that manage administrator privileges. All policies continue to be enforced even while working offline. This was key to EagleMed in order to effectively manage laptops in the hands of its highly-mobile workforce.In particular, Viewfinity has helped EagleMed update its EMS medical records software package. A new version was released requiring a step-by-step process to remove components of the software, install mandatory prerequisites and ultimately install the new version. For HIPAA compliance purposes, the machines running this software are locked down, and mostly all are mobile laptop users. Using Viewfinity, EagleMed developed a script that automatically handled the entire upgrade process, in the background, without the end user noticing. It’s important to note that this was all happening on locked down machines. The IT team found that users do not need administrator rights, not even temporarily, because the Viewfinity software took care of the required privilege elevation to perform the upgrades.“Viewfinity was instrumental in helping us solve our challenges related to managing off-domain machines. Since Viewfinity works in tandem with Active Directory but does not require laptops or desktops to be part of the Active Directory domain or to be directly connected to the corporate network, we are now able to easily and quickly resolve issues on any off-network device.”

Summary: Today, IT support has not had to drive to a base to perform a software deployment in over 6 months. IT response times are so much faster. SLA’s are on target and tickets are not open nearly as long as they used to be. They have seen up to a 75% improved response time in some cases. In most cases it is same day attention – in fact many calls are resolved within 15-30 minutes. This has saved quite a bit of time.“The bigger gain was the ability to lock down our PCs and use Viewfinity Privilege Management to manage administrator rights. By locking down the machines, we prevent the sharing of patient data and we’re also mitigating the security risks introduced through malware,” touts Ryan Kane, Systems Engineer for EagleMed. “This will have a very positive impact with the auditors. From an IT perspective, staff now only have access to do what they’re required to do.”EagleMed users are happier, and Viewfinity has enabled EagleMed to improve their customer service levels with faster response times and rapid problem resolution. Viewfinity Privilege Management helps EagleMed machines to be clean of malware, which results in better performance and helps users accomplish their jobs. The end result: more productive end users, compliance adherence, and time savings for the IT support team. The project has been so successful, that EagleMed are currently rolling Viewfinity Privilege Management out for the other two sister companies.

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