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Global Financial Services Enterprise Chooses Net Optics to Provide Scalability for Database and Network Protection in the 10G Environment

Background: This unique Financial Services Enterprise has served customers in the public and private sectors for nearly 100 years. The organization is based in insurance but has diversified into the banking, investment and retail industries, including automobile, growing a massive database along the way. The enterprise has seven million customers and a highly influential market position which makes protection of its network an essential and crucial concern.

Challenges: The Enterprise’s current network provider could not deliver the required level of technology for an organization with seven million customers cost-effectively. In addition, the vendor couldn’t provide the pre-validation that the Enterprise required for its in-line, fault-tolerant bridge. As networks swiftly evolve to 10G, the Enterprise needed a high-performance access solution that was cost-efficient, scalable, flexible and would provide both high speed network access and comprehensive database security. Net Optics, in partnership with another trusted vendor, was able to deliver all of these qualifications and engineer a joint solution that incorporated the scalability and functionality the Financial Services Enterprise needed.

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Solution provided by Net Optics: Net Optics Director Pro™ data monitoring platform offers a spectrum of capabilities to answer the Financial Service Enterprise’s tough challenges, including dynamic load balancing and smart filtering. Dual redundant Director Pros and Net Optics 10G iBypass™ switches provide the High Availability (HA) aspect of the joint solution.Director Pro is built to handle extremely high volumes of traffic and has the ability to control, filter and dynamically load balance traffic sent to monitoring appliances. The device enables scalability with its Dynamic Load Balancing feature, which splits the traffic into multiple streams so two or more parallel monitoring appliances can process data. The load balancer also makes decisions to transfer loads from one appliance to another based on current system state which prevents bottlenecks, oversubscription, and under-utilization. Director Pro’s hardware DPI engine also enables deeper packet exploration at full wire speed up to 10Gbps. High availability is essential for protecting the Financial Services Enterprise’s vast database so along with the deployment of two Net Optics Director Pros, the architecture used two Net Optics iBypass Switches. While one firewall is often sufficient, the backup enabled by the second set of devices offers higher certainty. The 10GigaBit iBypass Switch protects the enterprise from power, link, and application loss with full 10Gbps heartbeat protection which offers reliable fail-over for in-line appliances. Management interfaces enable remote switching and access to baseline traffic statistics. The switches also have a configurable Heartbeat packet real-time health check that helps identify anomalies in the connection. To provide the Enterprise with its new security architecture, Net Optics partnered with a specialist in security, compliance, and risk management for sensitive data. The Partner’s appliances are engineered for high-performance architectures and the management of heavy traffic loads.

Summary: This solution represents a way to scale easily and quickly using products of proven interoperability in an ingenious configuration. Without the need to make a substantial investment in new infrastructure, the Financial Services Enterprise saves additional funds, while the use of familiar 2 Gbps IPS appliances lowers the learning curve and operational costs as well. The solution is compact yet powerful, using a high-port-density configuration with minimal power consumption. The Financial Company’s customers can now rely on the security of their highly confidential information with the use of this cost-effective network solution.

Net Optics
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Santa Clara, CA U.S.A.

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