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Monitoring the Modern Campus Network in 2011 to Reduce Performance Issues and Security Risks

Background: Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR) is a creative college for media, design & technology. The GLR is the largest creative college of its kind in the Netherlands. With over 350 qualified staff and educators and more than 4,000 ambitious students, the GLR offers a broad range of college-level educational programs dedicated to preparing our students for future careers in the media, design & technology industries. Behind the success of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is our continuing ambition to provide high-quality and innovative education for students and practicing professionals.

Challenges: Grayfisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR) College maintains a computer network with more than 4,200 network devices. On a daily basis, students, faculty and administrators use more than 5,000 wireless devices across three locations in the city. This creates networking and security challenges not faced by schools with only one campus to monitor and secure. In addition, the school maintains more than 1,500 work stations, making the latest version of graphics, 3D and multimedia software available to the students. IT network administrators are responsible for managing the IT network. These administrators face an overwhelming amount of challenges in keeping the organization’s networks up and running. Prior to using Lancope’s StealthWatch platform the school was unable to control its environment, view historical data across the network or detect patterns or trends in behavior that would lead to network performance issues, various bottlenecks and potentially dangerous security breaches.

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Solution provided by Lancope, Inc.: StealthWatch manages, coordinates and configures all network appliances to correlate security and network intelligence across the enterprise. This ability to deliver real-time insight into current network behavior increases network and security team efficiency and decreases operating costs, while simultaneously improving operational awareness and overall security. StealthWatch also leverages NetFlow™ and other flow data to deliver end-to-end network visibility and greater forensic intelligence, StealthWatch addresses challenges introduced by key business trends, including globalization, user mobility and IT consumerization. StealthWatch includes Application performance monitoring via behavioral analysis and deep packet inspection of flow data to ensure application delivery on time and uninterrupted, Relational flow mapping to provide real-time, graphical views of network traffic for specific segments of the network, Grouping of related hosts to analyse the traffic between them and quickly detect anomalies and assess performance and Advanced reporting capabilities enabling users to retrieve the exact and detailed information they need and simplifying the creation of high-level reports for management.

Summary: Since GLR began using StealthWatch in 2008, the school streamlines the troubleshooting and greatly increases the network visibility. The systems alerts IT staff to worms, providing a network-wide view that includes point of origination, infected hosts and propagation.

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