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LANDesk enables PCI compliance among Radiant Systems’ customers

Background: For over two decades, Radiant Systems has provided innovative store technologies to the hospitality and retail industries. Radiant’s products address point of sale (POS), self-service kiosk, e-commerce and back office technologies that redefine the customer experience. As part of this focus, Radiant has also worked to help its customers achieve PCI compliance, and LANDesk® Security Suite has played a key role in enabling that compliance.

Challenges: Offering unmatched reliability and ease of use, Radiant’s products have been deployed in over 100,000 sites across more than 100 countries. Its customers include some of the most widely recognized organizations from around the globe. Radiant has found that most competing POS vendors aren’t interested in helping their customers achieve PCI compliance. With a goal of delivering the highest levels of service, Radiant wanted to be different. “Our customers need PCI compliance, so we wanted to be able to help them,” says Julio Vescovi, manager of information technology consulting at Radiant Systems. “We realized we could make certain aspects of PCI compliance less expensive for them since we understand POS systems. So, we needed a solution that could handle the unique challenges that PCI compliance on POS presented.”For example, one of the biggest challenges in dealing with a POS system is that smaller processing power doesn’t lend itself to running software that provides antivirus (AV) protection—a requirement for PCI compliance. “AV really slows POS systems down, and real-time scanning makes it even worse,” Vescovi says. “On a busy night in a restaurant environment, you need to be able to touch the screen, order food immediately, and then move on to your next guest. With typical AV running, each time you hit the button you have to wait a number of seconds for the screen to repaint. It can be very frustrating.”

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Solution provided by LANDesk: Radiant selected LANDesk® Security Suite in order to address these challenges. “LANDesk has a very small footprint on the POS terminal,” Vescovi says. “And, by using its whitelisting capability, we didn’t have to do real-time scanning. As a result, its impact on performance wasn’t even noticeable.”One of Radiant’s customers, Elephant Bar Restaurants, which has 47 locations across the United States, chose to use Radiant and LANDesk Security Suite to help with the AV requirements of PCI compliance for their POS systems. “We needed to have AV protection on all entry points for our credit cards,” says Andy Mai, vice president of information technology at Elephant Bar. “There are several solutions that can provide whitelisting to address the AV requirement for PCI, but LANDesk was the best fit, best price and best performance. LANDesk is also more configurable, more flexible, and it seems to be a superior product technically.”To further help its customers meet their PCI compliance requirements and to improve the protection of their POS systems, Radiant enables its customers to take advantage of the file protection capabilities provided by LANDesk® Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS). While whitelisting dictates which applications are allowed to run, file protection dictates what files on a system can be modified and what applications are allowed to make those modifications. “The file protection in LANDesk HIPS provides additional protection against viruses,” Vescovi says. “It allows us to make sure that nothing can modify an executable or some other file. That way, if somebody or something tries to inject a virus into a file, it will not be allowed. HIPS essentially keeps files from getting infected.” “Patching was another reason we decided on LANDesk,” Vescovi adds. “LANDesk patching is especially effective for embedded products.” 

Summary: LANDesk has enabled Radiant’s customers to achieve PCI compliance and in turn, save the thousands of dollars in fines they would have to pay in the case of an audit finding noncompliance. And LANDesk’s solutions go beyond simply meeting compliance – they also enable users’ systems to operate without being impacted performance-wise. These systems are further enabled via HIPS and patch management, which ensure they are secured around-the-clock and consistently up-to-date. Finally, LANDesk’s unique single console approach provides the ability to view all tools and reports in a single dashboard, along with room for growth. “One of the reasons we wanted to go with LANDesk is that they give us a lot of room for growth,” Vescovi says. “We didn’t want to go with a vendor that only provided security. At some point our customers will want to be able to do more. For example, if they want to add help desk or configuration management, we don’t want to have to add a new agent and console. LANDesk provides a lot of opportunity for expansion and growth without adding new agents and consoles. That’s a big deal for us.”

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