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Corero Network Security IPS Thwarts Malicious Attack and Ensures the Journal Register Can Deliver News Securely in Real Time

Background: Journal Register Company is one of the largest newspaper publishers in the United States. Its 324 multi-platform products reach an audience of 16 million people each month. Through multi-platform delivery including websites, video and print, the Journal Register Company delivers local news and information to 992 communities in 10 states.

Challenges: The Journal Register has 4 offices with a total of 3,100 users on the network. In 2010 the Journal Register was in the process of transforming itself from a legacy print-only newspaper publisher to a 21st Century digital-first news organization. Major improvements for all fronts of the company were in action. They experienced a network attack late in the year, when they were in the midst of discussing potential options for improving their network security. Malware breeched existing defenses at one of the company’s regional news-gathering locations and began degrading network performance. At the time, the Journal Register’s CTO, Bob Mason, had been with the company only about a month. But, early-on, he had identified network security inadequacies and had already engaged an outside firm to conduct an enterprise-wide security audit. “When I arrived at the company we were using several different brands and versions of firewall technology,” says Mason. “But, we wanted to be more proactive about protecting our locations. So, the audit was a starting point for considering how to take a more strategic and standardized approach across the enterprise.”Then, midway through the audit, the Journal Register’s Michigan location experienced a DDoS [Distributed Denial of Service] attack, significantly impacting the content delivery.“As a news and information organization people depend on us,” comments Mason. “And, from a business perspective, reliability is our most valuable competitive asset. If we can’t provide our audience with real-time content, they’ll seek it elsewhere.”

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Solution provided by Corero Network Security: The Journal Register needed to adopt the appropriate technology to protect them going forward and stop the current attack.For the Journal Register, the goal was implementing a solution that could handle all kinds of existing and emerging threats – including advanced types of malicious activity, like botnets and other malware – as well as DDoS attacks. They required a solution that not only addressed the complex threats of today but also came with the intelligence to adapt to the threats of tomorrow.What’s more, a solution would need to be cloud-compatible because the company was undergoing an agility initiative which involved migrating its major business applications to several different SaaS vendors. Since they were moving from primarily in-house infrastructure to a hosted model, it was imperative that a security solution that would protect their remaining internal network as well as their connectivity with to the cloud.In addition, a low overhead was essential. They needed a total solution that permitted them to stay lean as an IT organization. They didn’t want a security technology that required five or six people just to maintain it.Fortunately for his new employer, Mason had rigorously evaluated security solutions in his previous position. “At my former company, we’d recently evaluated the major security players,” says Mason.“We had even dropped evaluation units from two vendors in place,” he continues. “But, neither of them could stop all of the threats. And, neither of the vendors took ownership when we contacted their technical support staff. Instead, it was a series of ‘try this and call us back.’”So Mason turned to Corero Security Systems. He requested a Corero Security Systems IPS demo unit and placed it in front of the two other solutions. “Corero Security Systems took ownership from the start,” Mason reports. “An engineer brought in the device and didn’t leave until all our problems were solved. 

Summary: Corero Security Systems’s IPS devices played a vital role in the Journal Register’s successful transition to an agile, cloud-enabled, digital-first content delivery provider. It continues to be a central component in the Journal Register’s network security infrastructure.Corero Security Systems stepped in at a critical juncture to stop an attack that was underway while providing the long-term protection the Journal Register needs to thwart future attacks. From a security perspective, Corero Security Systems has transformed the IT organization. The IT department no longer has to worry about malicious attacks as Corero Security Systems IPS devices function with little or no intervention and, upgrades and updates occurring automatically. . As a leader in delivering digital content, the IT staff values the peace of mind that the Corero Security Systems IPS deployment has provided as it allows them to continue to be pioneers in content delivery to serve their 16 million readers.

Corero Network Security
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