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ActivIdentity Enables a Leading European Bank to Achieve Multi-Channel In-Branch Service Delivery with Unique Smart Card-Based Solution

Background: The SEB Group is a North European financial group for corporate customers, institutions and private individuals with ten home markets in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Germany, Poland and Ukraine. SEB has 680 branch offices and five million customers, out of which approximately two million use the Internet for their banking transactions. The Group is represented in 20 countries and has about 17,000 employees.SEB has deployed a unique smart card-based solution that combines logical access and Single Sign-On for their employees and enables in-branch electronic service delivery to more than five million customers.

Challenges: The SEB Group had an innovative vision to improve service delivery in their branches by creating a more welcoming environment for customers to seek out financial advice and expertise. This vision required the deployment of shared service kiosks allowing bank staff to interact more closely with clients and quickly perform transactions on their behalf.It was critical for SEB to find an affordable security solution that would include strong authentication, high performance and automated sign-on to required banking applications. The project also needed to be accomplished within a strict timeframe and budget as well as using standard Windows components to build out the kiosk systems. Additionally, the bank branch officers needed to issue new credentials on site to their branch staff. The project needed to be completed while bank was migrating off the existing legacy system. After in-depth research and the evaluation of proposals from several international vendors, SEB selected ActivIdentity and its local partner Verisec to achieve all of the project goals including the following:-Strong authentication with smart card login.-Device and credential management system with local issuance capability.-Fast user switching allowing bank employees to efficiently utilize shared kiosks.-Automated enterprise single sign-on.-A mature project assurance methodology resulting in high quality results within the required timeframe and budget allocation.

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Solution provided by ActivIdentity, Inc.: ActivIdentity delivered an end-to-end solution leveraging the bank Microsoft infrastructure that includes ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System, ActivIdentity ActivClient, ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On, as well as ActivIdentity smart cards and smart card readers.The ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System (CMS) interfaces with the bank directory providing management of smart cards and credentials. The system also communicates with the bank certificate authority to issue signed certificates and keys that are then securely issued to the smart card by ActivIdentity ActivID CMS which makes it easy for bank officers to issue, update and terminate smart cards for all the employees in the branch, as it allows for both remote and local issuance.The ActivIdentity SecureLogin and ActivIdentity ActivClient capabilities make the secure access of kiosks possible by strongly authenticating employees accessing the bank kiosks. Once signed onto a kiosk, ActivIdnetity SecureLogin automates additional authentication to a variety of applications required by the bank employees. The performance of this component is key to ensure customers do not experience long waits in order to complete their baking transactions. The ActivIdentity solution achieved fast user switching for the bank making it possible for any bank employee to quickly begin working on any of the pool of shared kiosks. The ActivIdentity SecureLogin also gives the bank central management of their Single Sign-On policies using a snap-in to the familiar Microsoft Management Console.

Summary: The ActivIdentity solution has delivered key business benefits for the SEB Group and allowed the bank to achieve the following results:1)Increased customer loyalty and trust-Strong security for an innovative branch banking environment that allows bank’s employees and clients to collaborate more effectively-High performance access to branch kiosks improving customer service and employee productivity2)Lower total cost of ownership-Replacement of expensive legacy system-Complete solution based on standard Windows components.

ActivIdentity, Inc.
6623 Dumbarton Circle
Fremont, CA 94555 U.S.A.

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