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Communication service providers today all have similar offerings, and struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors. They are also struggling with unnecessary overhead costs caused by spam and other unwanted network traffic. In addition, users are searching for more custom user experiences. They want more control over their settings. Enterprise and consumer subscribers alike want to be able to set limits and controls over what employees and children can and cannot do in order to be safe.

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Symantec Next Generation Network Protection offers communication service providers a single solution for policy enforcement to shape the customer experience. Consumer or enterprise subscribers define their own policy or controls for accessing content, data usage and rules based on criteria such as time of day while the operator manages and enforces the chosen controls across all services. For example, a parent may choose to disable texting functionality for their child’s phone during certain hours. Or, a corporation might disable photo sharing from mobile devices for their employee base. Communication service providers can use these flexible, customizable policy features as additional revenue opportunities or as a means to differentiate themselves from competing carriers while simultaneously taking advantage of increased control to eliminate spam and other unwanted content from clogging their networks. This drives down operating costs. Symantec Next Generation Network Protection also provides data retention capabilities to aid with regulatory requirements and usage analysis. Compliance with local regulations is simple with Symantec assisting in the archiving of mobile messaging and Web access logs, storage of content and traffic information, mobile data traffic management and an audit history. In addition, providers can use this data to help organizations conduct their own risk analysis, financial audit, and usage and trends analysis to make better business decisions.

Symantec Next Generation Network Protection is the first product of its kind and solves problems for carriers and users alike. It decreases overhead for carriers and allows the ability to easily and effectively manage their networks and maintain compliance. Next Generation Network Protection also increases service providers’ ability to offer differentiated services that fit customers’ needs and wants—regardless of who the customer is. With Next Generation Network Protection, users can define the experience they want for themselves and others on their accounts, thereby giving them an unprecedented satisfaction with their experience.


Symantec Next Generation Network Protection is a first-of-its-kind network-based policy control and enforcement solution that will allow communication service providers to dynamically apply user preferences in a consistent fashion to a variety of services. Next Generation Network Protection has been designed to increase provider profitability by increasing subscriber satisfaction, preventing customer churn and reducing costs associated with network misuse, malware proliferation and spam.

Symantec Corporation
350 Ellis Street
Mountain View, CA 94043

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