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Unique Agentless Control for Endpoint Visibility


Today, companies increasingly rely on a myriad of agent-based applications to control the laptops, work stations and servers in their enterprise. These solutions include Anti-virus, Encryption, PC Lifecycle Management, Patch Management and DLP to name a few, and play mission critical roles in every organization to maintain an effective security and compliance posture. Any failure with these solutions represents a significant degree of risk and inefficiency for companies. The threat is wide spread and massive with typical organizations experiencing 20-30% or more failure rates for a compliance inspection of these mission critical tools. The problem is two-fold: First, Agent-based technologies all share inherent limitations. If the agent is out-of-date, not installed, or the required services and processes are not running, the agent cannot do its job. Although these solutions have management consoles, self-health monitoring does not work when unmanaged and broken machines are invisible to the console. The second part of the problem is that companies lack accurate visibility to see every endpoint in their organization, thereby knowing what is or is not happening on those endpoints at all times. End-users themselves further complicate endpoint control knowingly or unknowingly exposing companies to risk through utilization of dangerous unapproved applications such as P2P, Remote Control, and hacking tools, inadvertently sharing file directories and using unapproved mass storage devices. The net result is that this general loss of control of corporate endpoints jeopardizes mission critical security, compliance and management policies and commitments within far too many enterprises.

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Promisec, recognized by Deloitte as the 7th fastest growing start-up in Israel in 2010, delivers agentless endpoint control solutions that deliver unmatched visibility into 100% of enterprise system servers and endpoints. Promisec’s patented technology enables IT executives to increase the effectiveness of controlling servers and endpoints by optimizing the strength of existing IT solutions and processes. In other words, Promisec makes the tools an enterprise already has for IT security and management functions, work better. With Promisec technology, IT executives can reduce and control server and endpoint management costs, and can identify and resolve security, compliance, and policy issues in a matter of minutes without making any changes to the network or endpoints.

Utilizing unique and proprietary technology, Promisec is the pioneer and preeminent leader in agentless endpoint management solutions utilized by many of the world’s best brands. With Promisec, there is absolutely nothing that needs to be installed or configured on endpoints. Operating from a single centralized console and leveraging companies existing credentials, Promisec is able to inspect, control and remediate just about any object on corporate endpoints without dealing with the performance and configuration issues of other agentless solutions such as WMI, ActiveX or dissolvable agents. Inspections are unprecedentedly fast inspecting multiple endpoints simultaneously every 4-5 seconds with negligible impact on the network and with 100% accurate results. Agentless technology is a game changer in endpoint control approach eliminating reliance on yet another agent prone to failure. Because there is nothing installed on the endpoints, there is nothing to break, nothing to be maintained or managed, nothing for end-users to tamper with, and no system conflicts or performance issues.


Promisec provides an independent framework for the most accurate, comprehensive, and reliable solution for monitoring and reporting of corporate policies. Through its unique, agentless approach, Promisec provides solutions that are unmatched in providing IT and security executives with the right information, at the right time, and with the least amount of effort. Our unique agentless technology allows IT executives to drive out the cost of controlling endpoints by optimizing your existing IT solutions and processes. By knowing what you have previously not known about your endpoints, we make it faster and easier to resolve known problems as well as fix unknown problems. The immediate, continuous visibility and independent control offered by our products enable you to manage many kinds of corporate policies …including IT compliance, security, inventory, operations, licensing and power management.

55 Broad Street, 20C
New York, NY 10004USA

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