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High-Capacity Storage Solutions Optimized for Surveillance


Much like email became a business critical application in the last 10 years, video surveillance systems are undergoing the same transition. Where systems used to be ‘nice-to-have’ and video data was treated casually, security solutions are now a ‘must have’ and there is an expectation that data will be available regardless of component failures, network interruptions, and even power outages. Traditional IT approaches to these needs are simply too expensive and cumbersome to manage. Clustered servers and proprietary storage products often require weeks to configure, months to learn and budget allocations that aren’t part of the surveillance budget. However, virtualization and scale-out technologies do not require specialized personnel, dedicated hardware or expensive support contracts. Video surveillance customers are collecting enormous amounts of data, and using technologies that incorporate virtualization enable data-intensive environments to grab hold of the benefits of shared server/storage solutions to make sure critical video data is captured and readily available to increase safety and security, while reducing costs. In today’s surveillance market, virtualization is used to reduce hardware investment and increase availability in high-capacity environments. Storage for video surveillance applications where virtual servers are included with high-availability shared storage eliminates the need for separate physical servers, which reduces acquisition costs and operating costs by up to 40 percent. Furthermore, users can eliminate standalone servers and reduce rack space, power, cooling and cost while meeting the reliability, performance and management needs of today’s surveillance systems.

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Pivot3 offers high-capacity storage solutions that are ideally suited for the video surveillance market. The Pivot3 Scale-out Application Platform™ is an open systems hardware platform that provides both server and storage resources in a single array saving 22% in acquisition costs and 40% in operational costs. Pivot3 products seamlessly integrate with analog and digital cameras and open system video software systems. The technology improves field reliability by supporting application failover, 30-minute disk rebuild times, dynamic capacity expansion and advanced RAID 6x protection, guarding against up to 5 simultaneous drive failures or an entire appliance failure with 3 simultaneous drive failures. The RAIGE® Operating System, RAID over Gigabit Ethernet, aggregates the capacity and performance of the Pivot3 server and storage appliances, presents a single logical management view, supports dynamic expansion of the array, and protects against hardware failures. Up to 12 virtual servers can be configured allowing for up to 288TB of shared storage. In the case of a CloudBank™ appliance failure, the video management software will automatically start up on another unit. Reliable failover prevents loss of data and provides access to previously recorded video.

There are several features included in Pivot3 solutions when compared to traditional server configurations. The Pivot3 Scale-Out Application Platform provides a scalable iSCSI SAN array with no single point of failure. The CloudBank™ appliance provides up to 24TB of storage in one box and seamlessly arrays to 288TB. Furthermore, CloudBank arrays scale to petabytes of iSCSI SAN storage.Pivot3 appliances support digital and analog cameras, enabling customers to maximize existing infrastructure while transitioning to digital solutions, and supports all open systems video management software including Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI. Application failover protection occurs automatically within an array of 3 or more appliances and this enables video management software to restart in less than two minutes. With RAID 6x protection up to 5 simultaneous drive failures or an entire appliance failure with 3 simultaneous drive failures will cause no loss of data. Furthermore, Pivot3 appliances have no single point of failure, and storage can be logically and physically expanded with applications running.


Video surveillance customers and other data-intensive environments are collecting enormous amounts of data, and a highly scalable, integrated server and storage solution provides users with a guarantee that captured video is accessible when needed. The Pivot3 Scale-Out Application Platform offers the unique approach of combining virtual servers with high-availability shared storage, therefore eliminating the need for separate physical servers. This approach reduces acquisition and operating costs by up to 40 percent. The appliance approach also lets users dynamically expand over time without affecting existing infrastructure. Overall, Pivot3 solutions deliver higher availability in a cost-effective, simpler way than traditional, proprietary products that treat servers and storage as separate technologies.

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