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Streamlined IT Infrastructure Auditing for Security and Compliance


Modern organizations – faced with stricter internal security policies and stringent legislative and industry requirements – continue to struggle to make their IT infrastructure auditing simpler, more reliable, and better able to meet their business requirements. The problem in many environments starts with Active Directory, but extends across all other aspects throughout the IT infrastructure. While Active Directory sits at the center of any organization’s security strategy, providing user authentication that forms the foundation upon which access authorization is based, changes to group policy settings and file servers, for example, welcome potentially costly security breaches and a volatile business environment. But the motivation for proper auditing goes beyond the obvious security incentives—auditing IT infrastructure for change control purposes, as well as for troubleshooting, is as paramount as capturing information purely related to security—without proper visibility into such changes, organizations risk losing control of the IT infrastructure. Furthermore, organizations dealing with compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and GLBA also have to audit how users use their authorizations—failing to do so, and to prove that the IT department has been doing so, can result in failed compliance audits. The need to audit access to files, SQL Server databases, group policy settings, Exchange Server mailboxes, and so on, is just as imperative to external regulations as it is internal policy. Without the proper measures in place, organizations risk failed compliance audits, costly security breaches and lost control of the IT infrastructure.

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Auditing Solution


NetWrix Change Reporter Suite is an integrated change auditing solution that monitors all changes made across the entire IT infrastructure, including those made to Active Directory, Group Policy, MS Exchange, Virtual machines (VMware and System Center Virtual Machine Manager), SharePoint, file servers and appliances, network devices, Windows services, SQL Server and more. The solution, which provides direct resolution to the risks and challenges associated with IT infrastructure change auditing (or a lack thereof), produces reports that promoting security and compliance. NetWrix Change Reporter Suite addresses everything that the native mechanisms don’t (or just don’t do well), including Active Directory schema changes, non-owner mailbox access in Exchange Server, file access, and much more. The product tracks who changed what, when, and where in regards to all changes—for example, who deleted an organizational unit in Active Directory, who created a new virtual machine, who accessed sensitive files or file servers, who deactivated strong password policy, what servers were removed from a SharePoint farm, and all other types of important modifications. The NetWrix change auditing solution comes packed with pre-defined reports for compliance and management needs, and enables custom change reporting through SQL Server Reporting Services.

NetWrix Change Reporter Suite is the first of its kind to offer complete change auditing of the entire IT infrastructure in one integrated solution. While tools from the competition or even built-in native mechanisms may offer modular change auditing that is comparable to the type offered by individual NetWrix products, no other product offers a suite that captures and reports on all changes made to Active Directory, Group Policy, MS Exchange, file servers and appliances, virtual machines (VMware and System Center Virtual Machine Manager), Windows services, network devices, SQL Servers, SharePoint and more in one truly integrated suite. Accordingly, no other product on the market makes complete and effective infrastructure change auditing so simple. Auditing tools offered by the competition still require management of multiple platforms and multiple products, and modern IT administrators don’t have time to fumble with an arsenal of different programs. NetWrix Change Reporter Suite takes the fumbling out of change auditing, and as a result, provides almost instant return on investment by way of time and resources. Additionally, NetWrix Change Reporter Suite’s low-impact nature is favorable to IT environments, in that IT administrators can install the product knowing that it won’t interfere with their existing environment. The NetWrix solution uses non-intrusive, fast deployments that don’t complicate server installs or maintenance. In the end, the solution has less of an impact on servers and devices.


NetWrix Change Reporter Suite provides the complete IT infrastructure auditing capabilities needed by IT administrators, and demanded by auditors. The product, which streamlines compliance to HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GLBA, FISMA and many other regulations, provides an easy-to-use solution that drastically improves infrastructure visibility and improves internal security. Equally important to NetWrix customers is the suite’s favorable pricing, available at a fraction of the cost that much of the competition charges for a similar bundle of products. As a direct result, Change Reporter Suite has quickly become one of the most successful and fastest growing products on the market.

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