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Comprehensive security coverage that’s simple, affordable and easy-to-deploy-and-manage


Attacks on businesses are becoming more sophisticated as security continues to evolve. Faced with more advanced technologies safeguarding business data, malicious attackers are increasingly going beyond the traditional attack scenarios, blending threats like hacks, viruses and worms to target the user as the weakest link in any enterprise. With data security and insider threats rising in concern as businesses recognize the huge financial loss and legal liabilities that can result, safeguarding the integrity of business data is more imperative than ever.

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The UTM150 is an all-in-one gatewayunified threat management firewall that combines best-of-breed enterprise-strength security technologies from Commtouch, Mailshell, and Sophos with patent-pending stream scanning technology to protect businesses against today’s Web, email, and network threats. Malware hosted on Web pages, phishing attacks, spam, virus infected emails, hackers, denial-of-service attacks, and other threats are now all part of a regular repertoire of sophisticated blended attacks that bypass traditional firewalls with ease. Because comprehensive network security solutions require an abundance of processing power to examine network traffic in real time, existing all-in-one security solutions often use rudimentary security technologies that trade comprehensiveness for speed. The UTM150 provides true security by satisfying requirements in both speed and coverage.

As proven by AV-Test GmBH and the Tolly Group, NETGEAR UTM firewalls stop more threats than any other competing solution for mid-sized businesses. NETGEAR is not the first to market with a UTM firewall – but we product the market’s most effective UTM firewall. At the end of the day the only thing that matters when it comes to security is whether or not your security solutions stops the threats that menace your business.


Businesses have many concerns in today’s economy. Ensuring the safety of business data is imperative, but it should not distract from the day-to-day decisions a business makes that keep them afloat. The UTM150 provides a comprehensive solution to safeguarding business data without the high cost and resource strain of existing solutions.

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