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[hiddn] Crypto Adapter - enabling a safe USB-environment


Lost memory sticks and stolen backup drives; the problem of data breaches involving external storage media is growing. Protection of sensitive data is mandatory and organizations have an obligation to assure its clients and customers that their data is secure at all times. Yet, employees have multiple memory sticks lying around the office, they transport critical data on unsecure memory sticks, and the personal backup remains unprotected. Data breach notification laws, fines for not being compliant, and the significant costs of repairing a damaged image after a data breach is too serious to neglect. To comply with the growing need for protection of externally stored data, organizations purchase expensive “special” encryption memory sticks and hard drives. However, these “special” memory sticks normally require training, management, access to SW/your own Laptop and support and, if lost, represent a significant cost compared to normal low cost USB memory sticks when they are replaced.

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The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter is unique and provides for cost efficient encryption/decryption of thumb drives, external drives, and other USB-connected storage media! The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter connects to your computer via USB. The two-factor authentication in the form of a smartcard storing all encryption keys and a PIN-code, allows for robust and easy to use protection of all your externally stored data. The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter is the perfect solution for transportation of data between the office and home, for travelling with sensitive data, and for working between office branches. The [hiddn]™ Crypto Module (CM) is providing the hardware encryption, and is certified with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ and incorporated into all [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter units. This provides for compliant and assured data protection for all needs. The cost of losing data is now reduced to the minimal cost of losing a low-priced thumb drive, as the [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter demolishes the need for expensive encryption thumb drives as it encrypts unlimited capacities of any USB-connected storage media.

The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter provides for hassle-free fulldisk encryption of all data stored on any USB storage device. No longer worry over lost or stolen memory sticks or sensitive backup data and avoid paying excess for “special” encryption memory sticks – one [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter turns all your USB storage devices fully encrypted and protected. The mobile and flexible Crypto Adapter provides the organization with effortless and standalone protection for all USB storage devices; from the small memory sticks to the high capacity corporate USB based backup drives. Crypto Adapters can be deployed wherever protection is required, whether inside or outside the office providing easy, cost-efficient and secure protection of sensitive data on USB storage units. Employees or third party personnel can easily and safely move between any number of Crypto Adapter only carrying their encrypted USB storage media and personal smartcard, and when travelling outside of the organization’s infrastructure, simply bring along a Crypto Adapter and remain protected regardless of computer used.


The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter enables a safe USB-environment – it runs on any computer and, unlike many other “special” encryption USB devices, does not require admin-rights for the user to operate. Standalone [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapters can be deployed anywhere, and e.g. one [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter located in the conference room can be accessed by all authorized employees using their individual smartcards and PIN-codes. Since the Crypto Adapter requires no management resources, it saves costs and improves efficiency. Deployment of [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapters introduces a security culture. By only allowing for USB storage devices to be connected through a [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter, the organization is assured that these are fully encrypted at all times, regardless of content or intended usage. Why allow unencrypted memory sticks at all and why let employees choose what is encrypted, when you can encrypt all whilst at the same time remain efficient and productive!? Encryption of all USB storage devices with one Crypto Adapter – data protection in practice.

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