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Go Beyond Packets: Deep Session Inspection to Prevent Today's Advanced Threats


Because of the increased reliance on the Internet for everything we do, the financial opportunities for criminal gangs, cyberterrorists, and state-sanctioned organizations to do us harm are greater than ever; gone are the days when hackers defaced websites merely for bragging rights, or compromised weak computer systems just because they could. Now our adversaries break our applications, they hack into our operating systems and they trick our employees for stakes that are much, much higher. Most importantly, they’re using techniques that make them nearly invisible to today’s most widely used countermeasures. It would certainly not be sensible to simply throw out all of these technologies and startover. Each of them provides a measure of protection that is better than nothing. But neither can we ignore these limitations in light of today’s advanced, evolved threats: the bad guys know at least as much as we do, and are adept at sidestepping the outdated defenses offered by today’s packet-based countermeasures.For an even more vivid illustration of the weaknesses inherent to today’s network frcountermeasures, look no further than the growing prominence of virtualization and cloud computing. As enterprises make and implement plans to reduce costs through virtualization and application outsourcing, traditional network defenses grow ever more powerless to monitor and regulate the flow of sensitive information and content-borne malware. This challenge will intensify as the cloud trend continues.

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Built on a patented Deep Session Inspection®, platform, the Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System®, Fidelis XPS™, is the industry's only network security solution capable of seeing, studying, and stopping advanced threats in real-time by uniquely working at the session-level where today’s threats occur—plugging the holes packet-level technologies leave open for custom attacks.Fidelis XPS provides organizations with the network visibility, analysis, and control necessary to manage advanced threats, analyze forensics data more intelligently, and prevent data breaches.Advanced Threat Management – The Fidelis XPS Information Flow Map enables visualization of network threats in real-time. It has a powerful, flexible policy engine that can be used to describe the network behavior of advanced threats; a real-time analysis engine that identifies application and content level threats; and the ability to automatically incorporate dynamic threat intelligence into complex threat detection/mitigation rules and operationalize it on the network.Intelligent Network Forensics – Fidelis XPS provides insight needed to decide the type of traffic to record, or not; rule-based packet capture to record and analyze what an endpoint was doing before and after it was involved in an alert; and recovers complete forensic artifacts (such as transferred files) at any level of the content encoding/decoding path with a single click.Data Breach Prevention – Fidelis XPS’ statistical content analyzers identify personal identity information with high accuracy. It has pre-built content profiles for identity information, intellectual property, and classified information as well as all-ports prevention capability that enables not only detection but prevention of data leakage across all ports/protocols.


Fidelis XPS is not another packet-focused network security solution such as a firewall, IPS, AV, or web filtering product. And it’s definitely more than just another DLP product. It’s a powerful network security solution that delivers real-time visibility and control over all of the traffic crossing a network. Fidelis’ patented Deep Session Inspection architecture, the Information Flow Map feature, a powerful and novel policy engine, unsurpassed reporting capabilities, and the threat intelligence feeds available from Fidelis all combine seamlessly to help fill in the gaps left by the other tools in an arsenal—providing the situational awareness needed to actually do something proactive about today’s advanced threats. The bad guys have infection vectors that are immune to IDPS. They propagate malware that’s impervious to AV, tunnels through approved channels and is resistant to analysis. They will keep plotting, innovating, probing and stealing, and new buzzwords will continue to arrive to describe their evolved approach. Whatever “it” may be, the same old tools are no longer enough. With Fidelis XPS they have a better chance to See it, Study it, and Stop it. Fidelis customers see everything on your network through our Information Flow Map feature. They study the threats and easily distinguish between good trafficand bad traffic through intelligent network forensics and our novel policy engine, augmented by our up-to-the-minute threat intelligence feeds. And they’ll stop it with confidence thanks to our unprecedented real-time prevention-enabled performance characteristics.

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Waltham, MA 02451 USA

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