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Avocent Data Center Planner Significantly Improves Management and Planning of Computing Assets


IT managers are under constant pressure to control and/or reduce costs. In the face of budgetary constraints, most organizations are choosing to employ one or more of the following strategies— consolidation, virtualization and energy efficiency. To effectively implement the aforementioned strategies, IT managers must have a holistic solution to plan and manage the data center’s physical infrastructure. Avocent Data Center Planner—a new planning and management software solution within Emerson Network Power’s strategic data center infrastructure management (DCIM) portfolio—improves management and planning of computing assets by providing accurate and complete information about where devices and equipment are located, insight into current capacities and projected growth.

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An evolution to the former Avocent Mergepoint Infrastructure Explorer, Avocent Data Center Planner is a visual infrastructure planning and management solution within Emerson Network Power’s strategic framework for data center optimization. It provides data center management with accurate and complete information about where devices and equipment are located, their current capacities and dependencies. Key benefits are centered around three major components that are crucial to data center management—planning, virtualization and inventory.In terms of planning, users benefit from a drag-and-drop interface, the ability to view multiple plans from a single screen, and visibility into projects across departments, resulting in increased organization and the ability to view the impact of changes before they occur. As for virtualization, the customizable, user-friendly interface updates graphics as equipment is installed, decommissioned or moved. The modeling capability also includes a rich device symbol library that includes all pertinent information from manufacturers. Inventory advantages include on-demand access to asset information enables the user to easily identify the assets that are in production and those that are on the move, while the single repository frees up resources and improves management efficiency by eliminating the need to conduct labor-intensive audits and update multiple spreadsheets.These industry leading capabilities are unmatched in the market and improve operational metrics across the organization.

Emerson Network Power’s Avocent Data Center Planner is the best because its unmatched capabilities allows end users to move ahead in confidence as Emerson Network Power is the only organization that has both the depth and breadth of solutions in asset, power and cooling design and management, as well as embedded server firmware and infrastructure management capabilities on millions of data centerappliances worldwide. This combination of resources, experience and technologies makes Emerson Network Power uniquely positioned to help customers bridge the gap between the data center and IT infrastructure layers and enable intelligent optimization and management of the data center infrastructure.Never before has a single source existed where you can find what you need to handle more with less complexity, all the while controlling costs and understanding and optimizing your overallperformance.


Avocent Data Center Planner is a critical part of a solutions portfolio that Emerson Network Power is building to help customers more seamlessly and holistically manage the physical infrastructure (power and cooling, for instance) of a data center, in addition to computing hardware and software and communications technologies.

Emerson Network Power
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Huntsville, AL 35805-6201 USA

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