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LiveAction Software: Real-Time Network Visibility, Situational Awareness, and Remediation


Constantly changing network threats are continually upsetting the optimal balance between strong security and convenient user access. And with physical isolation becoming less effective due to the Internet and virtual networking, dealing with and staying ahead of both external and internal threats requires a much more dynamic approach than traditional barriers and intrusion detection. ActionPacked! Networks LiveAction software represents a new breed of interactive tools that can track changing conditions so network security staff can respond directly to new threats quickly and decisively—especially in virtual environments. Using the same rich visualizations and embedded intelligence that it provides for network QoS management and troubleshooting, LiveAction takes network security to a higher level combining real-time situational awareness with direct device control, when and where it is needed the most.

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Network Visibility


LiveAction software for managing Cisco quality of service (QoS) provides in-depth network awareness and traffic flow visualization for rapid troubleshooting, remediation, and validation of QoS issues. In addition, LiveAction is also the only product with real-time, point-and-click configuration of complex Cisco technologies such as QoS, ACLs, Policy-Based Routing, IP SLA and NetFlow. Based solidly on Cisco technology, the software provides expert-level management of the entire QoS management workflow from beginning to end. With single mouse-click reporting, LiveAction gives IT operators the information and understanding to quickly discover and validate existing QoS policies using built-in rules and Cisco best practices. One of LiveAction’s major strengths is its real-time visual modeling that literally draws end-to-end traces of network flows, routes, and test traffic across a graphical map of the network topology. Suspect or problem traffic can be immediately spotted, highlighted and, if necessary, blocked using an on-the-fly access control list (ACL) function. Traffic flow and QoS performance data can be tracked live or recorded for future playback and analysis. LiveAction is the only product that enables network engineers to create and edit QoS policies using graphical templates and wizards. The built-in policy editor is fully compliant with Cisco’s own published methodology. When policy edits are completed, LiveAction then provides immediate visual feedback to validate the engineer’s changes.

LiveAction software harnesses the considerable technological power built into Cisco routers allowing engineers to get much more functionality from these devices without the added cost of third party appliances and traffic optimizers or an army of experts. The software augments Cisco’s complicated text-only command line interface with stunning visualizations and direct graphical control. Unlike conventional network management products that provide only passive monitoring functions, LiveAction provides direct active control including creation and editing of QoS policies, policy-based routes and synthetic IP SLA test traffic. From a security standpoint this direct control can be used to locate, intercept, and control specific classes of traffic using tools such as automated access control list creation, blacklisting, and bandwidth usage alerts.


The main problem with Cisco’s two-decade old command line interface is that it doesn’t show engineers how their network is configured and what is happening to the traffic flowing from device to device. As a result, network engineers have had to resort to drawing mental models inside their heads or on a notepad to visualize what they think may be happening. As unreliable, incomplete, and impractical as this methodology is, it has been the only option available for over two-decades. ActionPacked! Networks solves this critical problem by creating a live model of the network from a human engineer’s perspective but with greater speed, precision, and detail than is humanly possible. The single-click inventory and detailed report generation of every QoS policy on every router is another example of the ease of use and time-saving potential of the software. This unprecedented visibility combined with direct device control enables faster and more verifiable security methods including finding and blocking security breaches originating from both outside and inside the network.

ActionPacked! Networks
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Honolulu, HI 96819 USA

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