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Industry leading security and disaster recovery with SaaS model


Plex Online is a SaaS solution offering industry-leading features for every manufacturing department. Plex Online's users are hypersensitive to safety and security. Because it is SaaS, it is hosted and maintained off-site. Many manufacturers worry about SaaS models because they are more comfortable managing security in-house. However, thanks to Plex Online's advanced technical expertise and controls, customers know their data is safe and secure.Plex Online fosters improved manufacturing efficiency, productivity, quality and profitability. It also enables increased safety and security for its customers and their industries. It is an on-demand system that truly integrates Quality Management, ERP/MRP functionality, Inventory Tracking, and more. It provides a real-time solution that lets a company easily see operations with a greater degree of clarity, improving the ability to identify continuous improvement opportunities and the speed with which they can be addressed. The Plex Online solution facilitates root-cause analyses and corrective actions, including a formalized process for issue notification and problem resolution reporting that extends to the supplier base.Security is one of the major advantages to using Plex Online. The Plex Online Data Vault has been hardened against security attacks -- both physical and virtual.From ironclad firewalls and automated security sniffers to concrete walls and biometric control systems, the Plex Online system has been designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of security.A dedicated staff of security experts maintains and protects data.All Plex Online policies, procedures and equipment have been designed around rigorous Type II SAS-70 certification.

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Plex Online is a solution with features for all functions within a manufacturing enterprise, including Manufacturing Operations Management and Quality Management Systems for the shop floor, CRM for sales/marketing, Supply Chain Management for procurement, and ERP for finance/management. Plex Online’s fully integrated model delivers a complete view of operations, enabling maximum efficiency.Thanks to a recent N-scale enhancement, Plex Online delivers leading recovery point objective and recovery time objective goals of two hours of a disaster with data no older than two hours. Plex Online is the first SaaS solution in the world to achieve these disaster recovery objectives.Plex Online achieved, and maintains, this high safety and security level through a redundant infrastructure with replicated data offsite, and the latest in data-streaming technology. This capability -- having all of the hardware, all of the software and operating systems loaded, and the data up and running -- is referred to as a "Hot Site" and is considered one of the highest levels of disaster recovery. The exceptional recovery targets are made possible by live data streaming between the company's primary data center in Auburn Hills, Michigan and its data center back-up in Asheville, North Carolina. Plex Online's targets are in line with the world’s leading technology providers for continuity and disaster recovery planning. Doeren Mayhew, an industry-renowned specialist in security auditing and IT consulting, performs Plex Online's on-going SAS-70 auditing process to ensure that the product continues to meet the highest security and reliability standards.

The product has over 400 satisfied customers, N-scale disaster recovery levels, more than 350 software modules, and more than 2,000 interconnected supplier locations around the globe. It supports more than 40,000 daily users. And it has three U.S. patents related to the innovative and intuitive user interface of the Plex Online system: 6,396,516 B1; 6,523,045 B1; and 6,336,053 B1The system is flexible and agile. It can interface with the following: Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, RFID, barcoding, direct part marking, gage interface, PLC integration, wireless networking, mobile computing, online access, direct faxing and emailing, Visio integration, CAD integration, touchscreens, online graphics, and automatic notification SystemIncremental, customer-driven improvements are continuously made, and this innovative approach sets Plex Online apart. In addition to dramatic N-scale disaster recovery enhancements, recent enhancements include improved financial, MES, scheduling, barcoding functionality; capability to convert measures, monetary units to German, Chinese; database back-up security system, driving industry’s fastest recovery times; and supplier/customer consignment inventory management.


Plex Online is a complete, comprehensive state-of-the-art system serving manufacturers in automotive, aerospace/defense, industrial, medical devices and food/beverage industries. With a user-friendly interface, “VisionPlex,” a revolutionary subscription-only pricing structure, industry-leading disaster recovery capabilities, and other continuous enhancements (most of which are customer-driven through Plex Online's active user community), Plex Online has emerged as a breakthrough technological innovator helping manufacturers of all sizes, in all industries, meet the challenges of today’s economic and business environment. These improvements and the general fact that Plex Online is able to help manufacturers cut costs and operate more efficiently at a time when this is more critical than ever.

Plex Systems
1731 Harmon Rd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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