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Advanced Visibility and Bandwidth Optimization Solution


With the current move to cloud based business solutions and the parallel explosion in recreational traffic like social media and streaming video, corporate network usage and utilization is at an all time high. High bandwidth utilization leads to poor network and application performance, and poor user productivity. Companies of every size need to know who and what is consuming network resources, and they must enforce alignment between business priorities and network usage, but the traditional solutions are too complex and expensive to service the entire market.

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Bandwidth Optimization Solution


Vineyard Networks provides application aware network visibility and monitoring solutions for organizations of all shape and size. While most true network analytics solutions are targeted at the Large Enterprise, companies of every size are facing huge application performance and workforce productivity issues with the move to centralized and cloud based applications. Visibility into network and application usage and performance is necessary to troubleshoot real time and long term problems and ensure optimal application, and company performance.Vineyard Networks Network Application Visibility Layer (NAVL) library provides enterprise network appliance vendors with L7 visibility and classification for security, optimization, and visibility requirements. NAVL also provides the ability to export application level network and application usage and performance metrics. Nearly every network appliance vendor is looking to integrate application visibility. Vineyard Networks greatly reduces the time to market and cost of integrating best of class L7 classification and visibility.Vineyard Networks’ Network Reporting Center (NRC) is a centralized, flow based network and application reporting and monitoring solution that makes it easy for companies to gain insight into network usage and performance. NRC integrates with the equipment already deployed on the network and extracts application level performance metrics (via integrated NAVL engines deployed on the platform), dramatically reducing the cost and technical barriers of entry for true L7 network visibility. Available as a cloud or on premise solution, NRC brings network visibility to Small and Large Enterprise Organizations.

Vineyard Networks supports technology integration and efficiency. While most vendors require dedicated hardware, software, infrastructure, and training, Vineyard Networks provides industry leading solutions that integrate with existing network platforms, require no deployment and little to no training, reducing operational complexity and cost.Vineyard’s solutions are designed to make IT troubleshooting easy while also providing application level network visibility and reporting to everyone.Vineyard’s NAVL classification technology is an easy to integrate library for Network Appliances that integrates quickly and easily using well defined API’s. NAVL incorporates Deep Packet and Deep Flow inspection with behavioural heuristics to accurately classify hundreds of common business and recreational applications and provide application attributes for security, quality of service, optimization, and visibility solutions.


Vineyard Networks brings application aware networking solutions to enterprise organizations and network equipment vendors, building a unified strategy that’s good for end users by reducing the cost and complexity of true network visibility.We let customers deal with “the network is so slow” complaint, while also enhancing the security and performance of the network.Vineyard Networks is currently integrated and working with some of the market leading network appliance and infrastructure vendors and Network Reporting Center is available as a Cloud or Appliance based solution today.Find out what’s on your network and why it’s so slow with Vineyard Networks.

Vineyard Networks
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