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LANDesk Security Suite provides centralized solution for managing mutli-layered security protection


IT departments are now more complex than ever – overseeing a multitude of security operations and process concerns has become a fulltime necessity as the number of threats, targeted attacks, applications, wireless devices, and compliance demands continues to grow exponentially. What’s frightening about this ever-growing IT environment is that IT departments are only as strong as their weakest links. IT infrastructure is a “chain” of links, from core servers to network servers and a myriad of devices—including desktops, laptops, and portable storage media. While these end user devices are often not only under-protected, many of them aren’t even connected—at least not in a way that enables IT administrators to effectively manage their operations and process issues. These links are just floating out in the ether, waiting to be exploited directly, used as a host to transport malware into the corporate network or recognized and incorporated into the rest of the network chain. Failure to recognize and secure them as quickly as possible can result in the loss of invaluable proprietary data.However, there is more to this issue than simply finding and securing assets. There are hundreds of solutions on the market that deal with different types of vulnerabilities, but the fact that there are so many tools is part of the problem. Because when systems or data is compromised, when weaknesses are exploited, when critical patches need distribution, IT administrators do not have time to hunt through 25 different consoles to find the one that’ll close the loop. Rather, bringing together as many security technologies as possible to secure the IT environment is a key tactic.

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Endpoint Security Solution


LANDesk Security Suite offers a multi-layered approach to security that makes it easier to safeguard data and preserve productivity by combining multiple security approaches and in turn, securing enterprise devices against targeted attackes via a single console. With LANDesk’s robust approach, IT resources from core and network servers to desktops, laptops and portable storage media can be secured —preventing data leakage and decreasing vulnerability to attack. Security Suite can enforce these policies on computers anywhere in the world and makes dynamic changes based on whether or not machines are connected to trusted networks.The security measures employed by Security Suite include device control Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), application control, advanced vulnerability assessment and remediation, antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware protection and enforcement of Windows firewall and existing antivirus solutions.Security Suite also helps to ensure that industry compliance standards are met via comprehensive standards assessments. Standards measured include: SANS, NIST, NSA, PCI, DSS, FDCC, SCAP, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Results are reported in a robust dashboard that includes trend graphs along with security policy and spyware reports.

Security Suite is unique in that it is a single dashboard that provides a personal firewall, patch management, application control, whitelisting, blacklisting, compliance assessment and a host of other cutting-edge security solutions to keep the enterprise safe. Unlike a number of other solutions, Security Suite provides strong vulnerability assessment and remediation, which limits access to authorized networks or IP addresses in order to ensure increased system protection and reduced attack potential. This solution also provides location-aware policies, which preserves productivity and reduces the risk of data loss and infection through dynamic policies that adjust security settings, including application control, anti-malware configuration and removable storage restrictions. These settings can be based upon the specific end-user's environment and customized down to the level of a single machine. Thus, Security Suite offers an unprecedented amount of scalability in a secure, all-encompassing console that allows IT technicians to deploy a number of security solutions, track assets and ensure industry compliance measures are met on anywhere from one to thousands of machines all via a single piece of software. In addition, it's worth noting that LANDesk Security Suite seamlessly interfaces with LANDesk Antivirus solution which is the industry-leading antivirus solution and is built on advanced Kaspersky Labs signature and scan-engine technologies.


Unknown devices in enterprise IT networks are a very real threat and are often encountered on a daily basis. With telecommuting and portable storage media, it’s becoming more and more difficult for IT administrators to incessantly monitor and secure the endpoints within their infrastructure.With a comprehensive toolset such as LANDesk Security Suite, IT administrators can not only secure their vast chain of IT infrastructure links, securing the gateway to their organizations, but can also create a precision-milled chain that reliably and continuously transmits power between all the crucial gears in the enterprise machinery. When endpoint security is optimized and systems are running at full capacity, the entire enterprise maintains productivity and progresses toward its business objectives.

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