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LANDesk's Patch Manager Enables More Security in Heterogeneous Environments


There is a direct correlation between security incidents and patch compliance. Whether from hackers, viruses, or ordinary bugs, an organization’s software and operating systems are constantly vulnerable to security and performance threats, and thus incessant patch management is not an option, but a necessity. However, keeping up with the constant stream of patches can be an ongoing drain on IT staff as they struggle to research, evaluate, test, and apply patches across their networks. And if the task of keeping up proves too strenuous for a particular IT department, it can put the entire network at risk.Thus, it is critical that IT departments utilize an easy-to-use tool that will not tax the department’s human resources – a tool that automatically and efficiently deploys critical updates with very little user input required. LANDesk’s Patch Manager is that tool.

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LANDesk’s Patch Manager is an invaluable subscription service that automates vulnerability assessment and patch management for both operating systems and applications; and then remediates them within minutes so that IT administrators can guarantee baseline security, stability, and performance. Patch Manager enables IT administrators to become more efficient, in turn boosting productivity and increasing control. LANDesk Patch Manager provides IT managers with the capability to actively scan managed computers to identify application and operating system vulnerabilities. Managers can define their own custom vulnerabilities to support individual application, policy, or security needs, then view assessment results directly in the console.Patch Manager also delivers automatic, efficient patch remediation. Users can quickly schedule distribution tasks to apply patches to individual computers, computers’ roles, or groups of computers by integrating with an existing directory. They can also establish policies that automatically install patches for specified operating systems and download and install new patches as they become available with autofix remediation.Further, Patch Manager facilitates easy reporting on remediation efforts, including which computers required a specific patch, which ones are already patched, and which require manual remediation. Users can also quickly identify computers that couldn’t be updated in order to address special needs or requirements, as well as report both success and ongoing remediation needs.

LANDesk Patch Manager provides efficient integrated vulnerability assessment, patch research, download, staging and distribution capabilities for operating systems and applications in heterogeneous IT environments and is also integrated with LANDesk’s full service Security Suite. It’s safe to say that the majority of businesses don’t have completely identical hardware running completely identical software throughout the entire company. And the larger a company is, usually the more diverse its assets. However, with Patch Manager this is a non-issue. Patch Manager offers full vulnerability detection and remediation for computers running Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, HP-UX and Mac OS XIT. It’s also safe to say that most businesses don’t care to run applications that eat up valuable bandwidth for extended periods. LANDesk’s unique Targeted Multicast (TMC) technology and peer to peer download distributes patches efficiently with increased delivery rates. TMC is ideal for satellite offices (that don’t host the main server) in that the main server pushes updates to one machine in the satellite office, making that machine the distributor. LANDesk’s patent-pending Peer Download technology, enables software to be shared via nodes within the office. Thus, when software is distributed on multiple machines in one office, each machine does not have to re-ping the cloud for each upload. With Patch Manager, IT administrators can even ensure patches are distributed to devices outside of the home network. Via LANDesk’s Mobile Gateway, IT can push patches remotely, ensuring that all devices are secure before re-entering the network.


According to a survey by Symantec, poor patching was 2009’s biggest security threat. The company’s Internet Security Threat Report revealed that malware activity has never been higher. As of the report’s release in April 2010, 14 percent of the 374 vulnerabilities found in browsers in 2009 remain unpatched. However, the larger issue appears to be the inability to apply patches, even when they are available. Perhaps this is because IT managers do not have the tools to effectively do so.In an IT environment where threats are continually on the rise and malware is becoming exceedingly malicious, IT managers need patch management software they can rely on. LANDesk’s Patch Manager enables IT administrators to research, review, and download available patches via automated vulnerability assessment and effective management. With Patch Manager, IT can gain control with a single tool for researching, reviewing, and downloading available patches and automate patch management processes in order to maintain system security while also saving time and resources.

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