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Secure Remote Access to Support Your Company's Virtual Workforce


Today’s enterprises are more and more motivated to shed operational costs and improve employee productivity as a result of the current economic situation. The concept of a virtual workplace, or telecommuting, has increasingly been implemented by enterprises as a way to boost employee satisfaction and productivity as well as reduce their carbon footprint and energy expenses, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

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The company’s flagship offering, the HOB Remote Desktop VPN, is a browser-based secure remote access software solution. The platform allows employees to access their desktops remotely from home or when traveling. Unlike IPSec-based VPN’s, with the HOB Remote Desktop VPN, there is no lengthy installation on the client-side, nor is additional virus protection between the connected clients and central offices required. One unique aspect of HOB RD VPN is that it needs to be installed only once on a central server in an enterprise network. Once this is done, any authorized user can use virtually any Internet-capable client machine (PC, Laptop, etc.) to access their data and applications either on a Windows Terminal Server, in a virtual environment or on their office desktop. Printing, with remote solutions, often a source of aggravation, is a seamless process with HOB Remote Desktop VPN. Users can simply print remotely-accessed files from their local printer, and with HOB's easy-print solution, there is no need to have each individual printer's driver installed on the server.

HOB has merged the advantages of conventional SSL-/IPsec-VPNs and server-based computing and created a solution that fulfils the highest common criteria security and compliance requirements. This is done through encrypted connections and accepted authentication methods such as tokens, Smartcards and SSL client certificates. Furthermore, HOB RD VP can be so configured that a connection to the enterprise network is only established after it has detected that the connecting terminal has active and up-to-date anti-virus software. Finally, as this software can be run as an applet downloaded from the Internet, nothing has to be installed on the client machine, thus any Web-capable computer can be used. On the client computer, no administrative rights are required. HOB RD VPN is available for nine different operating system platforms plus it is also available with a hardened Unix operating system which is designed to be used on a guest operating system on a virtual server. In order to fulfill the need to provide a so called “zero-footprint” solution HOB RD VPN is also available on a USB token solution called “HOB Planet mIDentity” which has been developed in cooperation with KOBIL Systems – another security solution provider. A unique difference to existing remote access solution is that it supports up to 10,000 concurrent users over one instance based on a two-processor machine with 2GB of memory.


Serving as the centerpiece to virtual workplaces, remote access solutions, such as the HOB Remote Desktop VPN, ensure that employees are provided with an on-demand connection to their corporate networks while visiting customers, business partners, at home or while in the field. The ability to securely, economically and reliably access enterprise resources from diverse platforms and terminals is, now and in the future, a not-to-be underestimated competitive advantage. HOB continues to be at the forefront of secure remote access technology and constantly strives to deliver improved functionality to its customers and partners.

HOB Inc.
245 Saw Mill River Road
Suite # 106
Hawthorne, NY 10532 U.S.A.

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