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Bomgar's appliance-based approach ensures secure remote access


Traditional remote access tools are a primary attack pathway used in security breaches. In fact, 42% of data breaches between 2003 and 2007 occurred when an attacker gained unauthorized access to the victim via one of the many types of remote access and management software products. That is because most remote control tools leave a desktop client installed on remote systems with easy-to-guess passwords or they provide little-to-no audit trail. Also, other remote access tools route sensitive data through third-party servers, leaving company information at risk. The enterprise is burdened with insecure remote access tools, which are often legacy products that are not up to par with today’s standards set by organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Often, these tools were either embedded into existing systems or brought in to fix a particular IT problem, but then lay dormant in the IT infrastructure, leaving back doors into the network wide open. With network doors ajar, hackers can use remote access solutions to gain entry to end-user machines and upload viruses, Trojans and malware that can spread like wildfire throughout the enterprise. They can also gain access to confidential end-user and customer data, which they may then download for exploitative purposes. Thus, it is critical that IT administrators ensure end-user protection by enforcing industry standards via compliance audits.

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Centralized on a secure appliance, Bomgar’s remote support technology provides organizations of all sizes with the resources required to identify and resolve costly technology and business issues that cycle through the help desk. Bomgar’s solution is purpose-built remote control software that allows IT to centralize help desk assets and securely gain access to devices and network systems in order to quickly resolve computer issues via the Internet. With Bomgar’s cross-platform software, IT administrators can reach out and fix machines running Windows 95-7, Mac, Linux (SUSE, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora), Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iOS, as well as unattended systems, such as routers or switches and servers that require immediate technical troubleshooting. These capabilities provide a key benefit for IT support organizations that may be limited by budget or staff resources, but that are still required to keep up with the increasing demand of technical support requests. Bomgar includes out-of-the-box integration with BMC and HP service desk products, as well as reporting features that help enterprises meet compliance regulations. Additionally, Bomgar’s support productivity tools, such as online chat and remote desktop access make it possible for service desks to be seven times more productive.

The Bomgar Appliance is a one-of-a-kind secured appliance-based delivery model. This unique model serves as a safeguard for security-conscious enterprises, government agencies, and heavily regulated industries, such as retail, hospitality, banking, insurance, medical and financial services. The Bomgar appliance centralizes all support session activity to ensure that remote sessions are locked down and available for audit. In addition, Bomgar is the first and only remote support product to achieve full FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation. According to Gartner, “Enterprise security decision makers should evaluate emerging solutions based on the new standard, but should continue to rely on established vendors that meet Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 in software when making procurement decisions until real-world products become widely available.” (Gartner, Inc. Hype Cycle for Data and Application Security, 2009, Jay Heiser et al, July 17, 2009.) The Bomgar Appliance is designed to fit the stringent security measures of today’s IT departments. It logs all activity to provide an audit trail, avoiding the potential security risks inherent with SaaS-based alternatives that route data through third-party data centers. Bomgar also offers video recording capabilities so IT administrators can have a detailed account of what transpired during a session – giving managers’ full visibility into support activity. In addition, the reporting features help businesses comply with regulations including PCI, SOX, FDCC and HIPAA. Bomgar also submits its product to regular code reviews and security scans, including Symantec Product Penetration Assessment, McAfee PCI Security Scan, QualysGuard, PCI Security Scan and Nessus Professional Feed.


Due to the risks inherent in remotely accessing an end-user device, it is critical that IT administrators select a technology that gives them a great deal of security, control and insight into remote support sessions. The Bomgar Appliance is the first and only remote support product to achieve full FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation for its entire product. Also, the Bomgar appliance centralizes all data and audit logs on-premise, avoiding the security risks inherent in SaaS-based alternatives. Administrators are also given strict control to determine who is involved with each remote session and the number of sessions each rep handles. They also have the abilities to access both attended and unattended devices and to manage vendors’ access to the network. In addition, with the Bomgar Appliance, administrators are given a great deal of insight due to the ability to log and record each session as well as the ability to run reports in order to ensure that industry standards are being met. All of this can be done the Bomgar Appliance’s cross-platform software, which provides the broadest platform support of any remote support solution on the market. This enables administrators to resolve issues spanning multiple systems without creating multiple audit trails. Supporting everything with one solution speeds incident handling time and rep productivity.

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Ridgeland, MS 39157 U.S.A.

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