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Securing data from insider threats without having the burden of manually monitoring employee activities



The primary threat to any company’s valued data is, in fact, company insiders. Recent Ponemon Institute and Compuware studies revealed that insiders are the number one cause of all data breaches. Corporate server storage and backups continually accumulate business-critical information, thereby augmenting the need for storage device protection. Traditional network perimeter security systems, such as VPNs, firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention solutions (IDS/IPS), may not be able to effectively prevent threats from physical access by unauthorized employees, or deter the loss or theft of media due to such unauthorized access.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Hard-Disk or Storage Encryption


Zserver secures and protects confidential information at the processing and storage level on corporate servers. Zserver’s hard disk encryption functions transparently, performing server-side data encryption in real-time by writing the encrypted data directly to the storage media device and decrypting upon data read-back. This unique write / read encryption process forms the foundation of Zserver’s data storage security, ensuring the safety and security of data even if the storage media device is removed. None of the data (including the file allocation tables or any Zserver supporting files) is accessible without authorized encryption keys. With Zserver’s hard disk protection system, valuable data cannot be compromised, even if the storage media device is removed. Zserver Suite has two components: Zserver Storage and Zserver Backup.•Zserver Storage protects information on hard drives, disc arrays (RAID in any configuration) and in storage.•Zserver Backup protects information on magnetic tapes and other forms of optical media. This unique software can be used with all tape backup devices, software backup systems and CD/DVD recording software/equipment. Zbackup automatically encrypts backup data when recording on tape, CD or DVD and decrypts it when reading it back. This guarantees that unauthorized persons will not be able to read the data from an encrypted backup device without proper key.Zserver – Using the Power Multithreaded Encryption to Keep Data SafeBased on powerful and transparent encryption technology, the software controls internal access to sensitive data. Zserver uses a 256-bit AES encryption technology, providing IT departments with the ability to exercise strict control over which employees have access to the data. Zserver Suite’s multithreaded encryption process can be deployed quickly and easily. Encryption is performed at the storage media level, rather than at the application level, thereby facilitating a deeper level of security.


With Zserver Suite, end users can be confident that their data is secure from insider threats. By controlling access to corporate information, unauthorized employees will not be able to walk away with damaging confidential data. Additionally, administrators will be notified immediately of potential insider threats without having the burden of manually monitoring employee activities.

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