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Unparalleled network security against a myriad of threats



School districts need application-based proxy inspection, branch office and mobile user VPN capabilities, and zero day attack prevention within a budget to deliver a much higher level of security than systems that rely solely on signature analysis for protection.

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The WatchGuard family of UTM appliances provides unparalleled network security against a myriad of threats. Recent third-party tests validate WatchGuard's industry lead at stopping nearly 99 percent of network attacks and threats. Because of WatchGuard's advanced proxy technology and security architecture, business can rest assured knowing that their mission critical data is highly secure from outside attacks. The Firebox X Peak 8500e appliance is specifically designed for complex networks and data centers such as school districts, and provide multi-gigabit performance and Ethernet interfaces with fiber interface support. Firebox® X Peak™ e-Series is the the high performer in the Firebox X e-Series line of unified threat management (UTM) appliances from WatchGuard, offering true zero day protection out of the box, with up to two-gigabit-per-second firewall throughput. By integrating powerful security capabilities with the sophisticated networking features of Fireware® Pro, the Firebox X Peak delivers a superior overall solution that meets the security and reliability needs of SMEs with growing networks and demanding environments.


By installing two Fireboxes at a school district’s data center, this implementation provided redundancy in the event of an equipment failure. The fiber ports of the X8500e-F enabled the school district to connect the appliances directly into its fiber-optic WAN, without having to purchase a separate fiber switch.

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