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Persistent data security across heterogeneous and distributed environments



Enterprise data is at risk for being stolen now more than ever. Modern business maintains many critical records – from intellectual property to customer records containing personally identifiable, making corporate records ripe for theft by hackers or inside threats. Mandated compliance, such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA, validates and underscores the severity of data loss.Data breaches and unauthorized data disclosure can have an immeasurable effect on customer trust and brand loyalty. Encryption is necessary to secure data at its source, as well as providing safe harbor from data breach disclosure laws.

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Vormetric Data Security addresses data loss by delivering the only truly transparent, centralized data encryption, key management and access control system that enables organizations to protect unauthorized access to every file, database and application. Vormetric Data Security also enforces a separation of duties, preventing any data access or modification that hasn’t been authorized by the organization’s data security policy.In diverse enterprise environments especially, a cross-platform solution becomes that much more critical. Vormetric provides centralized, policy based management across the enterprise for all data, keys and systems.Vormetric Data Security is completely transparent to overlying databases, applications and users and has performance proven to meet stringent enterprise service level agreements – requiring no application or schema changes. Vormetric offers the broadest threat coverage against physical attacks, application attacks, malware and insider abuse. While other point solutions can take months to deploy, Vormetric Data Security is easy to deploy and can be up and running in as little as three days. Vormetric prevents data loss and subsequent brand damage by combining strong encryption, access controls and key management across platforms, applications and devices, along with highly configurable security and policy enforcement through audit and host integrity capabilities.Vormetric MetaClear encryption protects sensitive information without disrupting data management. High-performance encryption is combined with root access control to ensure data access as an intended privilege.Role-based policies define what files, databases and applications should be protected with specific rules that specify users, actions, effects, file types and applications that are permitted access. With policy-based auditing enabled, all attempts to access protected folders will reveal which users were involved.


Vormetric Data Security is a centrally-managed and high-performance solution that provides persistent data security across heterogeneous and distributed environments. It enables strong encryption, access control and centralized key management across any file, any database, any application, anywhere. Vormetric provides the best solution and the best standard for enterprise encryption.

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