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Solving the bandwidth and storage challenges of traditional network cameras



While physical attacks on organizations happen far less than attacks on their network security, they have the potential to be much more catastrophic. To protect their critical assets organizations often require the continuous attention of human guards which can become expensive and is not completely reliable as guards can walk away, get distracted or fall asleep.

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The iCVR is a powerful security solution for both incident detection and investigation. It delivers complete intelligence surveillance systems in cameras and encoders that detect and warn of threats, store video based on what they see, communicate on the network only when needed, and enable content-based video search. The iCVR features the first truly plug-and-play analytics with automatic learning and requires absolutely no calibration time. Once plugged in, VideoIQ’s advanced intelligence automatically calibrates. It is as easy to set up and use as video motion detection. And its self-learning technology gets smarter about its environment with each object detected. It is also the only system with “Click & Search.” VideoIQ’s powerful object search capability lets customers search for the person or vehicle they are seeking by simply clicking on their image. VideoIQ automatically searches across terabytes of video from any of the VideoIQ cameras and encoders on the network, and delivers results in seconds. With its patent pending, 4x lifespan hard drive technology, redundant recording of critical video events, and continuous operation – even with connectivity loss – iCVR is the most reliable, cost-effective IP video system to install, maintain and service.VideoIQ’s unique approach significantly improves accuracy of detection, lowers the false alarm rate and has overall better performance across the full range of applications and environments.


The iCVR solves the bandwidth and storage challenges of traditional network cameras, while turning video into a powerful security solution. It gives its end-users the most reliable, cost effective IP video system to install, maintain and service.

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