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Windows security is a major issue and more than just firewalls, antivirus & patches, you have to control how systems are configured. It's difficult to understand, let alone manage, the thousands of configuration options that Microsoft exposes. Misconfigured systems not only increase risk of exposure but they sap IT budgets. Inadvertent or unapproved configuration settings result in systems that are more likely to have problems that expose data to exploit or internal misuse. Servers, desktops & laptops with nonstandard settings generate a disproportionate number of virus and spyware incidents. Gartner estimates that 65% of successful attacks exploit configuration mistakes.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Configuration Management


How does NetChk Configure differ from competitive or alternative solutions?

  1. Visibility and Accuracy – You can’t manage what you can’t see. Shavlik’s unique agentless configuration auditing technology allows businesses to discover all systems, determine actual configuration state and network role, and then conduct a policy repair on ill-defined or misconfigured systems.
  2. Fast Time to Implement – Can literally install Shavlik NetChk Configure and start scanning your network against a recommended baseline in 30 minutes or less. Other solutions require heavy infrastructure work. This fast time to implement provides visibility and quick answers about your real-time security configuration status. Can start achieving compliance goals in weeks rather than months or years.
  3. Easy to Manage and Easy to Administer – Can be easily managed by a lean IT department. A global hotel group has 1 resource to manage Patch, Configuration and Compliance Management, and Anti-Virus for more than distributed 8,000 systems. Centralized management frees up critical IT staff to work on things that can’t be automated or on initiatives that build business and add to revenue bottom line.
  4. Direct Mapping to Industry or Regulatory Frameworks - Ensure systems comply with corporate security policy and regulatory mandates. Provides a clear and direct mapping of security controls to industry or regulatory compliance frameworks.
  5. Automatically bring systems into conformance with corporate policy – Identifying systems that have drifted out of conformance with corporate policy is important, but detection of those gaps is not enough.

Solutions that require manual remediation of each node are not feasible when economic times require a lean IT department. To lower operational costs, it is critical to automate fixing those gaps. Fully automating the process from scanning to fixing is the only way to ensure increased configuration policy conformance, lower operational costs, and reduced impact on IT resources.


NetChk Configure delivers four important and unique benefits:Simplify – easy to implement and easy to manage Automate – finds deviations and fixes them, reducing time and mistakes Visibility – measurable proof of effectivenessControl – controls configuration changes, how systems are remediated and when systems are rebooted.

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