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Eliminate the potential of not receiving a critical e-mail



Spam and e-mail threats have become an epidemic problem in today’s enterprise environment, consuming valuable time, money and resources. According to analyst group Ferris Research, a projected 40 trillion spam messages will be sent in 2008. Ferris Research determined the organizations that receive spam incur a cost of approximately $.04 per message to delete. However, the cost of locating missing “good” e-mail is far greater than deletion of “bad” e-mail – approximately $3.50 per message, due to missed business opportunities because of lost “false positives” messages.

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Sendio’s E-mail Security Platform (ESP) solves the enterprise spam problem through its proprietary Silverlisting and Sender Address Verification (SAV) technologies, adding a human element into the process and eliminating spam, e-mail threats and the possibility of costly “false positives.” Silverlisting utilizes a set of low-level SMTP tests to determine the legitimacy of sending e-mail servers, while SAV verifies the legitimacy of first-time, unsolicited senders.E-mail spam filter companies claim to solve the problem, but in reality, the filter approach is fundamentally flawed because filters have no way of distinguishing intent from content, or "bad" from "good" emails. They also don’t factor in “false positive” messages, so legitimate e-mails get blocked because they contain words that the filter incorrectly labels as “inappropriate.” Sendio’s ESP completely eliminates spam and e-mail threats in the enterprise environment without “false positives” through SAV. Much like the verification process embraced by millions of MySpace and Facebook users, and the “buddy” list model employed by IM providers Skype and AOL, sender authentication is not a new concept. Sendio’s application of SAV to e-mail, however, is a paradigm shift, finally bringing the opt-in model used in other forms of communications to e-mail. Only first-time, unsolicited senders receive SAV requests, and once authenticated, all subsequent messages from that sender reach the recipient’s inbox. Sendio re-establishes e-mail as a trusted method of communications by totally eliminating spam and e-mail threats. This results in dramatic time-savings for users and reclaims lost resources for the company. Filters need continual fine-tuning to block unwanted messages, making spam filter management a time-consuming task for network administrators. ESP installation, on the other hand, is easy and requires minimal to zero ongoing maintenance.


Sendio’s ESP allows companies to reclaim productivity throughout the entire company from end-users to IT administrators and eliminates the potential of not receiving a critical e-mail that affects a company’s bottom line.

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