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Intelligent and effective default protection from Internet security threats



Facing an evolving set of threats, staying ahead of them has perhaps never been more challenging. While 2007 was considered the most viral year in history, 2008 saw the net’s one millionth virus. We also began seeing the end of non-financially motivated outbreaks. No longer are we the victims of pranksters, but very well funded criminal organizations driven only by profit. Dealing with the multi-headed monster of blended daily attacks takes a concerted effort. Making critical updates on the hour, rather than once a day, goes a long way to helping prevent infection, data loss, hardware damage and identity theft.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Integrated Security Solution


A fully-managed service, RPS removes guesswork by limiting user interaction and automating essential functions. Pre-configured ‘out-of-the-box’, the solution provides updates, upgrades and subscription renewals continually and automatically. It also provides free 24/7 support. Many security companies require users to manually configure, upgrade and renew products and charge fees for support. Radialpoint Security Services 7.0 (RPS) present a comprehensive set of managed PC security, protection and performance optimization services delivered on-demand by Radialpoint’s ISP customers. The service:

  • Helps prevent malware, hackers, fraud, data loss and PC slowdown in one light, integrated desktop solution
  • Checks virus and spyware definition updates every three hours
  • Offers perpetual monthly subscription to spare users the typical annual renewal process
  • Limits user interaction to essential decisions and permissions (e.g. firewall rules)
  • Provides seamless, automatic version upgrades. Integrates billing within the user’s broadband access account
  • Includes 24/7 free technical support


Comprehensive security is essential to everyone online, but users need enough flexibility to personalize its response. RPS’s unique approach helps today’s consumers better protect their PCs and personal data from Internet security threats. With intelligent and effective default protection settings, RPS remains customizable to meet the needs of experienced users.

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