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Enforcing policies and archiving instant messaging and other real-time communications



Real Time communications, including public instant messaging (IM), enterprise IM, conferencing, voice over IP (VOIP) and mobile messaging are used throughout most enterprises. These tools have become more widely adopted as they are of great value to corporate collaboration but they can also become a channel for viruses, spreading worms, spam and malicious content. And, left unmanaged, it is impossible to measure and achieve regulatory compliance, or to ensure efficient and appropriate use. Out-of-control real-time communications can lead to fines for non-compliance, lost reputation, lost intellectual property, and further liability to the organization.

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IdentityMap – Since public IM and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) do not map to a corporate directory, Policy Authority correlates end user identities from the corporate directory to user handles and phone numbers for all real-time communications platforms. This is critical for effective policy assignment, logging and archiving.PolicyEngine – Policies can be created granularly, can differentiate between internal, inbound and outbound users, and can apply to multiple modalities (i.e., text, file transfer, VoIP, video). Policies can be set independently by provider.EthicalWalls –Policy Authority prevents unauthorized communication between functional roles based on any directory attribute ensuring that ethical walls are maintained between people who should not be communicating for compliance/operational reasons.ContentFilter – Policy Authority provides content filtering and tagging for IM conversations utilizing regular expressions. This helps prevent the loss of sensitive data, enables e-discovery, and protects against abusive or inappropriate language.FileCapture – Policy Authority captures files transfers for OCS/LCS and Public IM improving security and reducing risk by preventing potentially sensitive data from being sent to the wrong recipients.SecuritySure – Policy Authority protects against both known and zero-day virus infections through automatically updated filters and heuristic analysis (including bot-defeating technology) and improves corporate data security and hygiene through integration with Sophos and Symantec.TriggerLog – Policy Authority provides triggered logging based on flexible criteria, including user, keyword, internal/external communication, location and other attributes. Log retention rules can be set to purge unwanted data while retaining communications for users on legal hold. Policy Authority can export logs into a third-party archive, such as Quest Archive Manager, ensuring there is a complete record of potentially harmful communications.


Quest Policy Authority for UC enforces policies on and archives instant messaging and other real-time communications. Its flexible architecture blocks unwanted protocols, improves security and hygiene, protects sensitive data, and enforces regulatory compliance. Policy Authority captures IM and file transfers, PIN-to-PIN and SMS messages further helping IT organizations create a true compliance archive.

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