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Certifying commercial custom web applications and thick client applications



The rate of growth of vulnerabilities at the application layer has fast overtaken that at the network layer. This is a direct result of large number of web based applications and services that have permeated the Internet. Hackers find weaknesses in custom web applications through popular attacks like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting and parameter manipulation to escalate user privilege, steal information or conduct illegal transactions. This combination of technical application layer vulnerabilities and business logic flaws are what hackers are increasingly exploiting today. It is in this hyper active threat scenario that new applications and services are being launched.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Security Certification for Applications


We’ve designed the Plynt Certification Program for commercial, custom web applications and thick client applications. The value we bring to the security testing & certification process is three fold; comprehensive, domain knowledge and tested solutions:

  • Your application is benchmarked against the Plynt criteria which is an exhaustive set of application and network layer checks. Please see for details.
  • Your application is tested by certified application testers from our team of 60+ security testers who have collectively tested over 1500 applications.
  • Your application developers will get solutions from our repository based on the experience our customers have had with similar kinds of vulnerabilities.

With the Plynt certificate in hand, product managers and application developers can prove to their customers that an application meets stringent security criteria and is resistant to attacks. We won’t certify your app until we’ve subjected it to penetration testing against an exhaustive set of security standards and vulnerabilities. Those results are the basis of the criteria we use for Plynt certification. Our experts carry out the security tests to validate our findings and will then suggest the steps you can take to reduce or eliminate the threats. Once you’ve made the suggested changes, we’ll come back and test the application again to make certain that it meets our certification criteria. Our customers find the The Plynt certification program of value for the following reasons:

  • Software companies leverage Plynt certification to satisfy B2B customers that their software meets industry security standards and has been tested and certified by a third party expert.
  • Large enterprises leverage Plynt certification to benchmark third party software that they purchase.
  • Organizations leverage Plynt certification to verify that their SDLC process is delivering highly secure applications.


The Plynt certification program delivers a tangible security assurance to showcase to auditors, management & customers. Our clients can demonstrate the due care taken to maintain a high security posture on a continuous and sustainable basis by leveraging a trusted, reliable, comprehensive third party security certification.

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