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Remotely protect and locate lost or stolen PCs



The FBI estimates that a laptop is stolen every 12 seconds, and increasingly the data stored on laptops is the primary target, and that just 3% of stolen laptops are recovered. Consumers need solutions that protect both their laptops and data stored on them. Tracking a stolen laptop does little to protect the owner’s identity if the data is vulnerable so theft-deterrence and protection must do both – record the location of a stolen machine and remotely lock down the hard drive with embedded security that continues working even if the hard drive is removed from the native machine.

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Phoenix FailSafe is embedded in the core systems firmware, and is the only data-protection and theft-deterrence software built directly into the laptop BIOS. Therefore, FailSafe cannot be disabled or compromised and it matches the hard drive to the specific machine so removing the hard drive and installing it into another laptop to try to retrieve data is futile. Once activated, FailSafe renders a stolen laptop completely useless unless the user has the required security code. Further, FailSafe is embedded in the core systems firmware so it’s virtually impossible to disengage. Phoenix FailSafe is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing and protecting mobile computers. IT administrators or SME operations personnel (or even individual consumers) activate FailSafe via a web-based tool or with an SMS message from their cell phone and connect the machines via Internet or network connections. Using a simple interface, IT administrators may record and track how laptops are used and, if a machine is lost or stolen, remotely lock down data access to protect its contents while tracking its whereabouts. IT administrators may also control or limit how laptops are used under ordinary circumstances by, for example, identifying what IP addresses the laptop may use to connect to the Internet or how far away a laptop may be moved from a wireless access point before locking down. Phoenix FailSafe dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership of theft deterrence and data loss protection for enterprises and SMEs. It provides centralized management and control to ensure organization-wide compliance and reduce IT administration and management costs. In addition, it offers a single, highly effective and affordable solution for theft deterrence and data loss protection that, for many companies, is currently addressed by a patchwork of point security and tracking solutions which are far more costly to purchase, implement and manage.


For consumers and enterprises alike, FailSafe prevents identity theft through the ability to protect and locate lost or stolen PCs, remotely retrieve critical data, permanently erase sensitive personal or business information and even lock or completely disable the computer remotely.

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