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A real-time holistic view of all network events across an enterprise



Risk management is a growing concern in today's businesses. High-profile security breaches have dominated IT news in recent years, leading to public and painful disclosures that have dramatically affected brand image and the financial health of many public companies. In addition this increased risk, compliance nightmares are a reality of current business conditions. Today's businesses must comply with a complicated and growing set of industry and government regulations. Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and others add layers of administration and complexity to already complicated networks—layers that guarantee increased risk and cost in order to comply.

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Automation is the cornerstone of an effective compliance management solution because it eliminates the potential for human error inherent in manual processes. The Novell Compliance Management platform enables organizations to automate access requests and changes, and to monitor network activity in real time for policy violations. Novell Compliance Management Platform tightly integrates user provisioning, access control and security monitoring so the business always knows who is accessing what, when they are doing it and if they are authorized. This integrated approach is unique in the industry. If situations arise that are out of the norm, the platform takes appropriate action in real time, from sending simple notifications to initiating full remediation—which can include revoking user access and taking an application offline. The actual remedy for the violation is determined by organizational policy and how an organization wants to manage a given situation. The ability of Novell Compliance Management Platform to automate business processes eliminates the security gaps inherent in error-prone manual processes and improves productivity, especially around compliance audits.Novell Compliance Management Platform is a comprehensive offering built not only upon industry-leading technology, but also on the culmination of years of experience deploying over 6,000 identity and access management solutions for customers worldwide. Other compliance-related offerings claim to be comprehensive solutions with strong returns on investment, but in reality they are little more than a bundle of products, often without any consideration for the unique requirements of various industries and operational structures. In contrast, Novell Compliance Management Platform encompasses integrated software as well as pre-configured identity and security policies and innovative success practices documentation—giving companies a significant head start on developing compliance solutions.


Only the Novell Compliance Management Platform integrates identity, access and security information and event management technology to provide a real-time, holistic view of all network events across an enterprise. This tight integration eases implementation while creating the ultimate governance solution; ensuring business policy becomes automated IT practice.

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