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Next generation of application management with full ecosystem protection



Neverfail solutions enable users to remain continuously connected to live software applications irrespective of hardware, software, operating system or network failures. With Neverfail, absolutely no user intervention is required in the event of failover and switchback — a unique offering in the industry. If a failover is necessary it occurs in seconds, delivering the unique benefit of no business disruption. Once the issue is resolved on the primary server, failback is done through a simple click of a button with users able to continue working and blissfully unaware as there is no need to restart any applications.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Disaster Recovery


Neverfail’s Continuous Availability Suite is the powerful core technology at the center of every Neverfail solution. By replicating data from an active server to a passive server through a unique cloning process, Neverfail provides a comprehensive high availability solution for disaster recovery, business continuity and continuous data protection. Neverfail solutions also ensure that users stay connected to applications during IT activities that require planned downtime, such as migrations, upgrades, maintenance, and virtualization. Traditional approaches to high availability or disaster recovery only address certain types of failures and only focus only part of the issue. Clusters offer high availability against application and server failures, but planned maintenance, environmental issues or even shared storage failure will bring down business servers. Recovering from backup will take hours, if not days, time that cannot be afforded in today’s 24x7 world. Replication and CDP approaches are useful for less critical applications yet they may still require heavy scripting, server rebuilds and application updates before the business service becomes available again. In contrast, the Neverfail Continuous Availability Suite is unique in providing:

  • The first high availability solution to focus on the entire application environment, regardless of the type or source of disruption
  • Proactive monitoring to avoid failure in the first place
  • Automatic failover that keeps users seamlessly connected, with no need for them to restart applications after the switchback
  • Seamless switchback allowing the standby site to be used while planned maintenance is carried out
  • Implementation that doesn’t require shared storage and complex technology


Combining the next generation of application management with full ecosystem protection, Neverfail provides IT administrators with confidence that the application stack, as well as the entire IT ecosystem, remain healthy, and even when issues do occur, mission-critical applications are continuously available to end-users through Neverfail’s Continuous Availability Suite of products.

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