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Capturing network traffic to solve a broad range of business and security problems



The Threat LandscapeWe all can read the headlines – organizations are being hit every day and we are in the middle of an ongoing cyber war. The external threats are clear and present:

  • State-sponsored intrusions and data exfiltrations
  • Non-state actors and terrorist groups
  • Well-funded and highly-sophisticated organized crime and espionage rings

There are serious problems inside our organizations too:

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Criminals
  • Misconfiguration of systems and networks
  • User errors and lack of security awareness
  • Volumes of regulatory challenges
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Typical security investments to date have focused on creating islands or layers of protection by installing point solutions that detect a specific problem, issue or threat. Your adversaries don’t think about security as a set of “issues” for which there are multiple answers – they think about how to use the network to get to your data. An effective approach requires organizations to stop deploying point solutions that create protection gaps and overlaps, and start thinking about security as a single requirement. The Correct Solution -- NetWitness NextGen™Similar to real world adversaries, NetWitness NextGen views security problems as interrelated and multidimensional, and takes a “record once, reuse many times” approach to network monitoring by solving disparate business problems using a singular enterprise infrastructure and extensible application framework. For the first time, a single solution, NetWitness NextGen™, captures all network traffic and re-uses the same data to solve a broad range of business and security problems such as insider threat management, data leakage, malware activity detection, network performance management, compliance verification and e-discovery.NetWitness NextGen is an enterprise network monitoring solution that provides organizations the ability to perform fully automated analyses of immense volumes of reconstructed network, application, and user traffic via the NetWitness Informer application. Informer specifically is designed to provide specific and accurate threat alerts and in depth policy and regulatory compliance reports on a wide variety of categories. Informer distills highly sophisticated sets of complex network data and quickly highlights common business concerns such as insider threats, data leakage, covert activities/channels, compromised hosts and malware activities.NextGen also delivers the NetWitness Investigator application that delivers a highly interactive, real-time view into the same network traffic sets collected.


NetWitness NextGen is the most comprehensive network security monitoring solution ever developed. It is the industry's first security monitoring software that records everything on the network, re-using it multiple times to solve challenging problems facing organizations: insider threats, data leakage, malware activity, asset misuse, network anomalies, compliance, and network e-discovery.

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