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Advanced solution for rogue detection and mitigation



In its second annual Motorola AirDefense Retail Shopping Wireless Security Survey released January 2009, the survey showed typical security vulnerabilities are the result of weak or no encryption, data leakage, mis-configured access points and outdated access point firmware. These same vulnerabilities can be seen in virtually any market. Wireless presents another entry point for hackers to gain access to an enterprise’s network. Enterprises that rely on wired-only network security solutions are not able to see the whole picture, leaving them vulnerable to potential exposures on the wireless side. To address this issue, enterprises must scan the airwaves for real-time threats.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Intrusion Detection Solution


Having pioneered the field of wireless IPS (WIPS), Motorola AirDefense continues to lead in innovation with 28 patents pending or granted. The Motorola AirDefense Enterprise solution provides complete protection against wireless threats, policy compliance monitoring, robust performance monitoring and troubleshooting, and location tracking in an appliance that can scale to meet the largest global organizations’ needs.Motorola AirDefense uses collaborative intelligence with secure sensors that work in tandem with a hardened purpose-built server appliance to monitor all 802.11 (a/b/g/n) wireless traffic in real time.AirDefense Enterprise 7.3.3 (ADE) is designed to ensure the highest possible levels of security for WLANs. It protects wireless networks against hundreds of security events including rogue APs, masquerading, phishing, policy violations and unauthorized user access, and includes an advanced forensics tool that provides users with months of information per each device it monitors. A unique aspect of ADE is that it is the only intrusion detection and prevention solution that enables users to access historical data for review, while also enabling the performance of wide spectrum analysis.ADE identifies rogue APs on the network and mitigates them without violating FCC regulations on the wire and over the air, enabling the discovery of the exact physical location of the device for removal. It maintains a significant forensic database of 300 statistics per minute per device with a customizable reporting engine, which includes compliance reporting capabilities. New Features & Benefits of AirDefense Enterprise 7.3.3:

  • 802.11n Support – Full 11n monitoring utilizing one of the Motorola AP-7131’s three radios as a 24/7 wireless sensor
  • AP Testing – End-to-End network testing from a wireless perspective, which proactively identifies network issues that impact end users
  • Enhanced Dashboard – New landing page provides an overview of the security posture of the entire network.


Motorola AirDefense Enterprise is a wireless intrusion prevention system that monitors the airwaves 24x7 and provides the most advanced solution for rogue detection and mitigation, intrusion detection, policy monitoring and compliance, automated protection, forensic and incident analysis and remote troubleshooting. Motorola’s complete suite of wireless security solutions enables risk-free WLANs.

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