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Storage optimization and seamless end-user access to information while mitigating content-related risks



Corporations deal with the challenge of managing growing volumes of email. According to Ferris Research, the average businessperson sends over 600 emails in a given week. And, many of these emails are either business records or contain valuable corporate knowledge and need to be retained accordingly. Keeping a large volume of email leads to higher storage costs and headaches for IT staff in the form of longer back-up windows. As message stores grow, organizations face challenges with managing storage costs, speeding recovery times, ending eDiscovery fire drills, and mitigating content-related risks by ensuring proper usage of content within the organization.

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Existing archiving solutions place heavy burdens on Exchange servers, relying on data capture methods like MAPI crawls and journaling—both of which can increase input/output per second (IOPS) on the Exchange server by up to 50 percent. Mimosa NearPoint™ for Microsoft® Exchange incorporates an innovative data capture method called Continuous Application Shadowing™. This application-intelligent process blocks corruption from the backup copy by capturing Exchange log files the instant they are committed to disk and stores them “off-host” on NearPoint. All email content extracted from the log files is indexed and stored with single-instance storage. Continuous Application Shadowing captures complete Exchange mailbox information, as well as email stored offline in PST files and on public folders—a major advantage for eDiscovery and Exchange recovery.NearPoint provides advanced and flexible retention management capabilities. Customers can lengthen and shorten retention policies as needed, apply retention policies at various levels such as folder or message class, apply item-level legal hold across all content in the archive, and use fine-grain retention and exclusion policies to manage capacity of the archive more efficiently. Because NearPoint leverages Continuous Application Shadowing to capture Exchange data, organizations can easily get data back to a failed production Exchange server within seconds. It’s as easy as an administrator pointing and clicking to use the Mimosa NearPoint shadow copy to repopulate the production Exchange server – and recovery can be done at the database, mailbox, or message level. Better yet, if an end-user loses Exchange data, they can recover it without IT assistance by use NearPoint’s Self-servicerestore for users. NearPoint also protects organizations in the event of a disaster such a whole site going down. With the NearPoint Disaster Recovery Option, organizations can choose to mirror the NearPoint shadow copy of Exchange data.


NearPoint email and content archiving platform provides storage optimization and seamless end-user access to information while mitigating content-related risks. Customers, partners, and industry experts agree that NearPoint is the right choice for managing the growing volume of user-generated content and the associated challenges – eDiscovery, storage cost growth, and risk management.

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