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Protecting network resources from internal and external threats



The level and sophistication of threats and attacks targeting corporate networks continues to escalate, prompting more than 90% of IT organizations to list data security as their highest priority for 2009. With more than 252,387,508 million records affected by data breaches in the United States since January 2005, focused attacks targeting confidential data are now considered a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. These statistics, when combined with continued compliance mandates and regulatory scrutiny, highlight a critical need for intelligent, adaptive and predictive security tools that can identify potential threats quickly, before they harm critical network systems and data.

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Global Data is addressing the challenges of 2009 head-on with a systemic unified threat management architecture that’s powered by a network behavior analysis and correlation engine. The Enterprise UTM++ is a fully integrated suite of security applications designed to scale to any sized enterprise and offers true subsystem integration and intelligent, adaptive information sharing and correlation of detected threats and alerts with detected vulnerabilities. Information sharing occurs between all application subsystems and appliances. This level of integration provides long-term context to threats and provides early warnings of threats and attack reconnaissance that other products may miss. Applications can be deployed as part of a complete security infrastructure or they can be added incrementally, over time, as an organization’s business and network requirements change. The Enterprise UTM++ suite includes a fully integrated service environment that provides a single point for configuration, tuning, administration, monitoring, ticketing, and incident response and tracking.Further, our industrial-strength, IT resource-friendly Enterprise UTM++ portfolio provides:- Use of raw packet data, providing more data for analysis;- Analysis and continued correlation of packet data, along with IDS and IPS alerts, firewall and syslogs, vulnerability scans, access policy violations, asset information, and vendor and global threats that can be tracked over longer periods of time – rolling 14-30 days for raw packet data; up to six months for alerts; and up to two years for behavioral profiles;- The ability to factor in human intelligence, allowing for customization of security rules and policies based on a company’s specific business requirements;- A learned intelligence capability that can predict behaviors and track developing threats before they harm critical systems; - An easy-to-use, single-source console that collects and correlates massive amounts of data and alerts.


Global DataGuard’s Enterprise UTM++ solution is proven, affordable, easy-to-install and helps organizations meet/exceed compliance requirements. It is one of the industry’s most effective solutions for proactively protecting network resources from internal and external threats, preventing data leakage, and providing reduced cost of ownership benefits through true security subsystem integration.

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