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Securing users and transactions based on the risk associated with transactions



There was a time when deploying authentication to a mass user group to ensure the security of transactions conducted online wasn’t an affordable or user-friendly option. That is why Entrust, Inc. decided to build an cost effective, scalable, risk based authentication platform that offers a broad range of authentication choices to secure online transactions. Combined with Entrust's zero touch fraud detection solution, this risk based authentication platform allows organizations to deploy an authentication solution to the masses while only interrupting the user experience when it makes sense.

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Detect. Defend. Adapt. Driven by critical elements such as ease of application integration and transparency to end-users, this solution can: detect who a user is and what they are doing in realtime; defend users and businesses against attacks through alerts and stronger authentication; and adapt to changing fraud techniques and authentication requirements. Entrust's versatile authentication platform works as part of a strong,layered security approach and does not impact normal user behavior or back-end applications, speeding deployment and helping to save money. The power of the solution also enables organizations to choose from a wide range of versatile authentication capabilities that can defend users from fraud attacks — today and in the future. Detect. Entrust Transaction Guard's zero touch approach can detect fraud without invasive integration with existing applications. The solution provides real-time protection by transparently monitoring user behavior to identify anomalies, then calculating the risk associated with a particular transaction. Defined in customizable, pre-built fraud rules and business signatures (transaction sequences like 'Login'), the solution can identify anomalies such as a user login from an unknown machine or from a risky IP address or location; a transfer of unusually large amounts to unknown accounts; or a change of personal information. The real-time analysis is done transparently and does not touch the application or cause extra burden on the user. Defend. High-risk transactions are managed according to business procedure and the level of risk in real time. Alert generation, case reporting and workflow tools enablean organization to investigate and stop fraudulent transactions before they clear or approve legitimate business, without impacting the user. Organizations may also elect to have users more strongly authorize certain transactions.


Enabling the Enterprise Entrust IdentityGuard is also suited at providing strong enterprise authentication to secure any number of productive tools, including VPN remote access, Microsoft®Windows® security or Web-based applications. Our versatile authentication platform, Entrust IdentityGuard enables organizations to provide strong authentication to a wider audience, with greater control and flexibility,to determine how to secure different users and transactions— based on the risk associated with those transactions.

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