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Securing critical SCADA systems without impacting performance or requiring additional downtime



Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems control critical infrastructure from oil pipelines to nuclear power plants. While these systems were historically on private networks, they are now largely accessible over the Internet. They are exposed to the same malicious attacks as any online computer—and more since the assets they control are natural targets for cyber-terrorism. Partially because these small, specialized systems cannot handle performance hits or downtime, operators have not secured them with traditional anti-malware and patching solutions. A solution was needed that prevented malware and unauthorized applications, without impacting performance or high availability.

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Traditional security patches and antivirus solutions are not widely used to protect SCADA systems because of the need for high availability, the challenging and remote physical locations, the preponderance of legacy operating systems, and the use of proprietary software applications. Additionally, the small, specialized devices cannot handle the performance impacts of blacklist-based antivirus solutions. Finally, traditional security solutions were designed to address malware, not to prevent the addition of unauthorized applications that could cause stability issues.In contrast, the patented and award-winning BOUNCER by CoreTrace product is the perfect solution to protect SCADA systems. Companies like CPS Energy, Nebraska Public Power, and Kinder Morgan are rapidly adopting BOUNCER to secure their critical SCADA systems for the following reasons:•Proven ability to stop the most malware (including sophisticated attacks like zero day threats; rootkits and memory exploits) without requiring signature updates;•Negligible performance impact and small resource footprint;•Ability to delay or avoid implementing security patches;•Ability to protect older equipment and legacy systems that are no longer supported and for which patches are never created;•Automatically provides configuration control by guaranteeing that only approved applications can execute;•Ensures compliance while lowering costs and increasing stability and availability.How does BOUNCER provide these benefits?BOUNCER is the leading application whitelisting solution. BOUNCER takes the exact opposite approach than that utilized by blacklist-based anti-malware solutions. It proactively enforces a whitelist of approved applications rather that reactively chasing all the malware in the world. BOUNCER provides immediate and ongoing protection with the least amount of work required. The product automatically generates a perfect whitelist directly from each computer.


With BOUNCER, customers are finally able to secure their critical SCADA systems without impacting performance or requiring additional downtime. BOUNCER customers have the best anti-malware protection, can patch during scheduled maintenance windows, can extend the life of legacy systems, and can automatically meet critical compliance requirements—all in one solution.

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