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Extend the enterprise to teleworkers and employees working outside of a traditional office environment



As security risks have evolved, so have organizations’ approaches to them. Where information security was once a technology issue, today it is a business issue—representing a more significant cost and operational challenge, but a fundamental business enabler as well. More and more organizations are implementing formal programs to reduce IT risk, especially security and compliance risks. As regulatory compliance becomes a core requirement for organizations in more industries, businesses must develop new capabilities for controlling the kinds of information traversing their network, how that information is used, and who can access it. Organizations not only face the challenge of becoming compliant, but of staying compliant as the network continuously evolves with business needs.

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Cisco integrated services routers ship with the industry's most comprehensive security services, intelligently embedding data, security, voice, and wireless in the platform portfolio for fast, scalable delivery of mission-critical business applications. The Cisco 800, 1800, 2800, and 3800 Series routers are ideal for small businesses and enterprise branch offices, delivering a rich, integrated solution for connecting remote offices, mobile users, and partner extranets or service provider-managed customer premises equipment (CPE).

By combining proven Cisco IOS® Software functions and industry-leading LAN and WAN connectivity with world-class network security features, integrated router security solutions offer customers the following benefits:

  • Use existing infrastructure to secure branch-office connections: You can take full advantage of your existing network infrastructure to control security threats at remote sites and conserve WAN bandwidth-without deploying additional hardware.
  • Protect gateways and network infrastructure: You can safeguard your router and all entry points into your network to defend against attacks such as hacking and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Offer perimeterwide security: You have the flexibility to apply security functions, such as firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), content filtering, and VPN, anywhere in your network to maximize security benefits.
  • Secure voice and video networks: Advanced VPN and IOS Firewall features deliver secure, high-quality voice and video and protect against call eavesdropping, toll fraud, and denial of service (DoS).
  • Enable advanced teleworking: The solutions provide secure teleworking capabilities, enabling business resilience during disasters and pandemics.
  • Cost-effective with both capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenses (OpEx): The solutions reduce the number of devices, lowering training, manageability, power, and service contract costs. In addition, security bundles provide significant savings compared to buying the router and security features separately.


Cisco Virtual Office extends the enterprise by delivering secure, rich, and manageable network services to teleworkers and employees working outside of a traditional office environment. By providing full IP phone, wireless, data and video services, Cisco Virtual Office delivers a seamless office-caliber experience to the end user, wherever they may be located.

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