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Adding control, accountability, compliance, and security to basic text messaging (Short Message Service/SMS)



As mobile consumers across all regions and age segments gain confidence in sending messages to friends and loved ones via text message, the trend of conducting more sophisticated and personal content will continue to rise. Leveraging the power of the familiar SMS text messaging platform CellTrust’s award winning (CTIA E-Tech Award Finalist), patent pending SecureSMS™ allows individuals and organizations to exchange critical information in a trusted environment on the mobile device.

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CellTrust’s SecureSMS™ adds control, accountability, compliance, and security to basic text messaging (Short Message Service/SMS). With CellTrust SecureSMS, businesses such as those in financial services/banking, government, education, travel and mobile advertising / marketing now have the ability to exchange critical information with customers in a trusted environment on the mobile device. Combining an inherently secure micro-client together with CellTrust's world-class SMS Gateway, businesses for the first time ever can take advantage of a powerful, SMS marketing and messaging solution. The real power of Microsoft Certified CellTrust SecureSMS™ is demonstrated with multiple phones when the other party opens your message and you see the SecureSMS icon changing as the message travels through the network, it changes again when your message lands on the recipient’s mobile phone and then changes again when the recipient opens your message. SecureSMS micro-client installs on the phone to (AES Dynamic Unique Key) encrypt all SMS messages through a global Secure SMS Gateway to over 160 countries across over 400 carriers insuring peer-to-peer, end-to-end privacy thus creating the ultimate circle of messaging trust.


Setting itself apart from consumer-grade SMS, CellTrust’s SecureSMS Gateway gives the message sender the ability to confirm when text messages are delivered and/or read within seconds via a highly encrypted, tamper-proof transfer process with no size limitations along with remote wipe functionality that ensures users can wipe the handset if it is lost or stolen making it ideal for the financial services, healthcare, governmental, and social networking sectors as examples.

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