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Proactively mitigate all types of wireless threats and enforce effective enterprise policies



The steady growth of Wi-Fi in the enterprise demands that corporate IT teams learn and adopt new security methodologies tailored to the unique requirements and weaknesses of wireless networks. AirMagnet Enterprise provides a simple, scalable solution that enables any enterprise to ensure the security, performance and compliance of their wireless LANs matches that of its wired network counterpart. AirMagnet Enterprise delivers active, full-time protection against rogues and hundreds of other wireless threats including wireless vulnerabilities, Denial-of Service attacks, MAC spoofing, fragmentation attacks, evil twins, unapproved connections and scores of wireless hacking and reconnaissance tools.

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AirMagnet Enterprise 8.1 provides a simple, scalable WLAN monitoring solution that enables any organization to proactively mitigate all types of wireless threats, enforce enterprise policies, prevent performance problems and audit the regulatory compliance of all their Wi-Fi assets and users worldwide. In addition, the product offers a complete approach to rogue management with the ability to detect, disable, and document every rogue. Multiple detection mechanisms immediately expose every rogue. An active blocking suite disables the rogue wirelessly or at the wired port. A dedicated documentation page provides profiles of each rogue, including a summary of applied policies and actions taken. AirMagnet Enterprise is the industry’s only independent WLAN security and monitoring solution and allows users to trace and block rogue devices that are physically connected to an enterprise network. It accomplishes this faster and more reliably than any other solution in the industry. Unlike competitive solutions that rely on singular, limited tracing mechanisms, AirMagnet Enterprise coordinates complimentary tracing techniques leveraging AirMagnet’s intelligent sensors to perform local tracing of the sensor’s immediate environment, as well as global, centralized tracing performed by the AirMagnet Server. Information is shared between the intelligent sensors and server to build a global view of the network, automatically learning from previous discoveries and traces.The ability to identify unapproved devices that are physically connected to an organization’s WLAN infrastructure is a critical feature for any WIDS/WIPS solution. Traditionally, tracing could have variable success depending on the techniques used. Some techniques require manually defining all switches in the environment, while others may fail due to an inability to trace across subnets. However, AirMagnet Enterprise makes it possible to leverage multiple tracing mechanisms.


AirMagnet Enterprise provides the only independent WLAN monitoring and security solution that enables an organization to proactively mitigate all types of wireless threats, enforce enterprise policies, prevent performance problems and audit the regulatory compliance of all WiFi assets and users worldwide. Today, more than 8,000 businesses use AirMagnet's products.

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