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Secure back-ups to keep business e-mail in operation 24/7



According to IDC, for some environments, near instant recovery of the messaging service is essential to ongoing business operations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 93% of all companies that experience “significant data loss” are out of business within five years. Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange provides proven database backup technology that will drastically reduce disaster recovery time so users can be up and running in minutes instead of hours. It also provides document level backup, which delivers incredible flexibility that allows backing up of only individual mailboxes/public folders, and using message filters to reduce an archive size and duration of a backup process.

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Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange extends a company's proven backup and disaster recovery protection to Microsoft Exchange servers running on the enterprise-class operating system. Key product capabilities for Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange include the ability to recover down to an individual email in minutes, restore server operation almost immediately and recover to the point of failure. Using a flexible, intuitive interface, Exchange Administrators can backup the mail database at the brick or database level, assuring users have availability to recover email at unparalleled speed and experience virtually no loss of productivity.For a full backup archive size of 78 GB, the Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange backup time is 17 minutes; by contrast a leading competitor was timed at 7 hours and 36 minutes for the exact same database. Restore time was also faster; 26 minutes versus 32 minutes. The significantly faster backup speed is due to Acronis’ patented snapshot technology, the same technology used in Acronis True Image. Acronis Recovery is a purpose-built, database-level and file-based level backup tool with granular restore that offers four compression levels. It backs up the entire info store, individual storage groups, mailboxes & public folders/ subfolders and specific e-mails.By creating compressed backups of mission-critical Exchange databases, IT managers are able to reduce the amount of necessary storage for backup purposes. Combining compress application backups with full server images, the IT manager can significantly improve their disaster recovery capabilities.


Designed primarily with speed and secure backups in mind, Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange gives IT administrators the ability to keep the all-important lifeblood of any business — e-mail — in perfect working order 24/7.

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