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Online identity theft protection using a task management system



Everyone is vulnerable to identity theft. It could be through a lost wallet, stolen documents or a data breach. The effects of identity theft are devastating: there were 15 million US victims in 2006. It cost consumers $5 billion and businesses $50 billion. Moreover, recovering and repairing the damage caused by ID theft is still too complicated, expensive and time consuming. Victims must deal with a confusing morass of credit reporting agencies, creditors, providers and government agencies. It can take many months to clear up the problem—with this time often needlessly lengthened because of the lack of information needed to act quickly and decisively.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Identity Theft Protection


Our solution to the identity theft problem is MyTruston™, the only fully online identity theft recovery system. It is hosted web-based software that can help millions of people easily recover from and prevent identity fraud. It can handle any type of ID theft and fraud. MyTruston™ walks victims step-by-step through the entire process—dramatically reducing the time, financial cost, and emotional impact. It will help slash the $55 billion in yearly financial losses suffered by consumers, creditors, banks, and insurers.

Because it is a web-based platform, it can scale to meet the needs of a huge number of consumers. It can also grow to support a virtually unlimited number of fraud types—with far less incremental cost than services which rely on telephone support. For example, today MyTruston supports recovery from these fraud scenarios: existing credit card, new credit account, ATM/Debit card and phone/utility. Over time, we will be rolling out support for recovering from fraud related to checking accounts, mortgages, driver’s licenses, passports, state and federal government benefits, military victims, loans, and more.
Our system assists the average person in solving complex problems without the need for expert or professional assistance. It helps determine if an issue in the particular area actually exists (i.e. are you an ID theft victim?), establishes the extent of the problem, and takes the user through a series of self-guided, context-sensitive steps to solve the problem. To do this, we designed an architecture that takes complex, multi-threaded sets of actions and guidelines and renders them as sets of discrete, discernable, and repeatable steps. This is done without requiring detailed or confidential information from the user. Though this system can be applied to a wide range of problem areas, our first application of this system has been in the recovery from and prevention of identity theft, as embodied in a product called MyTruston.

The magic behind our service is the patent-pending technology platform we have developed. It is a self-service task scheduling engine that reduces red tape for consumers. It allows non-programmers (Truston or a partner) to build simple consumer-facing tools that help with processes which require many steps, phone calls, documents, or follow-ups. Consumers benefit by using a simple self-guided set of instructions for dealing with otherwise confusing, time-consuming and frustrating tasks. While identity theft is our first market we can expand into other verticals like mortgages/home buying and insurance claims. Partners benefit by increasing customer satisfaction, reducing service costs and offering a differentiating service.

MyTruston is not a set of static web pages. It might be described as a  “prescriptive workflow” system for managing multi-step processes to be performed by people. The MyTruston platform can be delivered as software to a partner or hosted by Truston. It is easily customized so partners to run their own private-label sites—an unlimited number of URLs with unique look and feel, content, procedures and documents can be built on a single server. Nothing like this exists today.

Truston and our partners will be able to configure sites, and all the content and procedures, without programming. The software can also be integrated with a partners existing back-end systems, to allow for seamless integration with their existing members (single sign-on), administrative reporting, and the ability for their support representative to view every subscribers progress through the system. For instance, a bank could embed our recovery service in their ID theft product and then offer a free self-help tool to their mortgage customers, which would help them through the often cumbersome process of purchasing a home (not just the mortgage portion either).

What makes it better than other solutions?

  • No personal, non-public information needed
  • More than credit fraud protection (supports ATM/Debit, phone/utility, more…)
  • Virtually unlimited content extensibility—other industries for future expansion
  • Help anytime, anywhere—totally online solution
  • Customized program for each user
  • Patent-pending AI engine for flexible task management
  • Very low costs (10-100X less than competition)
  • Seamless integration with customer's website
  • Easy, effective instructions

Conclusion: Consumers get peace of mind through an easy-to-use product delivered over the web that helps them prevent and discover fraud related to their credit file through credit reports and fraud alerts, reduces junk mail and credit offers, cuts telemarketing calls, and provides complete recovery if they fall victim.

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