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Kazeon Information Server IS1200 eDiscovery & Storage Optimization



Kazeon provides a full spectrum of proactive and reactive eDiscovery solutions in response to litigation, information security and privacy, corporate investigations, regulatory compliance and storage consolidation requirements. Enterprises need to streamline and automate existing manual, time-consuming legal eDiscovery and risk management/security processes. Kazeon ensures that sensitive, business-critical, or confidential information residing on your corporate network is identified and managed, resulting in reduced liability and legal exposure, while delivering an immediate positive impact on business credibility.

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The Kazeon Information Server version 3, featuring numerous security enhancements, is the first product to integrate the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) stages of identification, collection, preservation, processing and analysis into a single enterprise solution for companies seeking to create a defensible and repeatable eDiscovery process that is complete, accurate and reliable.  Through this technology, enterprises will gain valuable insight into risk assessments, information security and the state of their PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX compliance efforts. 

The Kazeon Information Server discovers sensitive information contained in emails and files regardless of physical or logical location. Kazeon not only classifies email and file metadata (e.g. mailto, mailfrom, owner, creation date, last accessed, size, format) but also provides a comprehensive set of rules that extract common, confidential patterns such as phone numbers, social security numbers and credit card numbers. In addition, key words and phrases contained in a document (e.g. “company confidential”, “financial statement”) can be accurately identified and automated policies enabled to prevent data loss.

Version 3’s new security features include:

Automated risk ranking and validation including:

I.      a.     Pre-defined extraction rules to reduce false positives
        b.     Sample assignment rules for risk ranking
        c.     New validation functions that validates:
                  - Credit Card Numbers (Luhn’s algorithm)
                  - Social Security Numbers (SSA bulletin)
                  - Financial Securities Numbers (CUSIP, ISIN)

d.     Risk ranking, which is a combination of conditions of any Kazeon metadata (including counts) ie: A document with valid SS# is interesting.  However, a document with a SS#, CC# & other PII has a higher risk (e.g. Credit Report)

II.     No customer information is stored on the Information Server.  The search index location is determined by the IT staff and can be located in a secured location.  Search results are integrated with AD so end users only are able to view what they are permitted to view.

Performance highlights of version 3 include:

  • The ability to be installed and running in just under 12 minutes;
  • Ability to sustain 1,500 files per second for metadata and 700 files per second with search indexing;
  • Deep crawl performance of 47 MB/sec when scanning for content;
  • Sub-second response times for searches;
  • 70% reduction in metadata storage

Other features of version 3 include:

  • Automatic validation and risk assessment for information security & privacy and compliance requirements
  • Native connector for Microsoft Exchange eMail servers
  • Native connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • The ability to crawl, index, and search individual emails and attachments inside PST files, as well as take actions on selected (or entire) search results
  • Internationalization improvements through the addition of International character sets for tagging, searching, saved query names, copying into folders, report names & descriptions
  • Powerful web-based administration has been further enhanced with new time-saving features such as a quick-rule builder, eMail reports, eMail search templates, expanded PII (Personally Identifiable Information) validation rule set and more

Conclusion: End-users will be given a clear view into all of their potential risk areas and factors and will be enabled to take action upon this knowledge. Comprehensive information on the security of their data will be delivered, as well as recommendations and validation of their corporate policies through meaningful reports.

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