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Securing Mainframe Applications with Encryption



With the continued growth of security threats and government regulations that enterprises must comply with, allowing critical data to sit unprotected within a mainframe environment leaves businesses vulnerable to both security breaches and hefty non-compliance fines. As the hub of a network of connected devices, the mainframe is becoming increasingly more vulnerable to attacks.  Data that stored within and sent to and from the mainframe must be secured at all times to thwart a security breach.  Offering encryption as a solution to these threats, Ingrian provides privacy, compliance, and integrity to its users. Ingrian’s mainframe solution provide users with a way to quickly and easily encrypt all sensitive data within z/OS environments while maintaining the mainframe’s manageability and the availability of critical customer data such as credit card numbers and customer records.

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Ingrian’s mainframe solution leverages enterprise key management to allow users to encrypt sensitive information in z/OS environments to achieve PCI compliance.  The solution provides enhanced security, manageability and availability in z/OS environments, allowing users to quickly encrypt and decrypt critical data via the Ingrian API, as well as manage bulk encryptions and decryptions within flat files with Ingrian’s new Transform Utility.

Behind Ingrian’s mainframe solution is the company’s flagship product, Ingrian DataSecure. The DataSecure appliance sits outside of the z/OS mainframe where it manages encryption keys and securely encrypts and decrypts data based on requests sent from the mainframe. With the Ingrian z/OS Connector, users access DataSecure via the Ingrian API from a CICS, TSO, or batch environment to request any type of data to be encrypted or decrypted. The Ingrian API then makes a request to the Ingrian Service which forwards the request over TCP/IP or SSL to the Ingrian DataSecure Appliance.

For the encryption and decryption of large amounts of data within flat files, Ingrian has also developed the Transform Utility which runs under z/OS to move bulk quantities of sensitive data in and out of data stores with absolutely no impact on the environment.  Enterprises can use this utility to move large amounts of sensitive data in and out of data stores by encrypting/decrypting the data at extremely fast rates. For example, if 50 million credit card numbers need to be extracted from DB2 and sent to another system in a decrypted form, the Ingrian Transform Utility would be the ideal utility to perform the decryption efficiently. Additionally, the Ingrian Transform Utility has the capability to encrypt entire binary files for situations where customers do not require field level granularity for protecting data.

Conclusion: Ingrian’s mainframe solution provides users with a manageable approach to securing data within the z/OS environment while maintaining application functionality and performance.  Thousands of enterprises across the globe use IBM’s z/OS mainframe operating system to help manage enterprise transactions and data. Ingrian’s mainframe solution seamlessly integrates with the day-today functions of the mainframe, providing robust security and compliance with even the most stringent mandates.

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