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Smart Enterprise Guardian



Criminals seeking to profit from stolen identities or secrets are besieging commercial and government enterprises using every tactic—schmoozing, phishing, keylogging, man-in-the-middle websites or plundering lost laptops and Flash drives.  Smart Enterprise Guardian (SEG) is a unique USB device that stops these criminals cold.  Based on industry standards, it secures identity credentials and sensitive files with proven smart card technology.  Jointly developed by digital security leader Gemalto and leading semiconductor solutions provider Lexar, it PIN protects up to 2 GB of data on a USB drive and supports strong authentication, digital signature and file encryption for a laptop or desktop.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Personal Portable Security Device (PPSD)


Smart Enterprise Guardian uses tamper-proof, proven Gemalto .NET smart card technology to enable strong, two-factor authentication and personal portable security.  It is a multi-purpose device that combines the best of strong, two-factor authentication using smart card technology, and uses the same smart card technology to secure Lexar Flash memory and encrypt desktop or laptop information using standard Microsoft software and PIN protection.

For network security, SEG stores personal digital identity credentials and logon information independently from the host PC.  What makes it so secure is it’s independence—it uses its own on board computing and software capabilities.  SEG secures access to networks, applications and data at the user-level and enables deployment of additional PKI services like digital signature and email encryption using a single device.  Organizations can implement either One-Time Password or PKI-based strong authentication for network access and remote access for mobile workers.

Strong authentication can also be used for secure logon to Windows workstations and for desktop file encryption.  This means only the appropriate users have access to a specific desktop, and mobile workers benefit from the highest level of data protection for laptops.  Native support for the device is built into Windows Vista™ and also is available as a Microsoft update for Windows® XP and 2000 systems.

This device is one of the first personal portable security devices (PPSD) that offers secure portable memory with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption and strong authentication using Gemalto One-Time-Password or PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services.  Other key features include OATH One Time Password (OTP), PKI, portable and encrypted flash storage, PC file and folder encryption, and compliance with 3rd party USB endpoint port control.  These features are designed to provide both access and data security. 

The SEG features an intuitive user interface.  A very important advantage is that it requires no software set-up, yet delivers the highest levels of security and convenience.  Users can easily access their enterprise intranet, transfer sensitive files and exchange confidential e-mails from any location and from any PC.  Data encryption is transparent for employees, so users with minimal PC and security knowledge can make the most of it immediately.  The SEG is highly interoperable with existing IT infrastructures, simplifying IT management and reducing total cost of ownership for enterprises.

Administrative support for Smart Enterprise Guardian is integrated into Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager and Gemalto Strong Authentication Server.  In addition, Gemalto’s Allynis Device Administration Service, a comprehensive Web-based provisioning, administration and support service for small and medium size enterprises also supports SEG.  This service enables IT administrators and end-users to perform routine deployment and device management services for Gemalto .NET devices with an easy-to-use browser-based interface.

What is unique about SEG is it combines these strong online security technologies based on Gemalto’s .NET smart card technology with Lexar’s secure Flash memory.  In this way, Smart Enterprise Guardian provides a unique solution for SMBs and enterprises by providing a portable data device with inherent PIN protection ensuring data integrity and security on the device itself using the built-in smart card technology.

IDC coined the term personal portable security devices (PPSDs).  In their view, the external security device market is experiencing both convergence and evolution, especially as related to multifactor authentication and end-to-end digital identity products and services.  They forecast that PPSDs will increase in number and use over the next several years, especially in the online transaction divisions of the banking, financial, government, healthcare, and retail markets.  PPSDs are part of the larger identity and access management (IAM) authentication and authorization ecosystem, and they encompass both hardware authentication and software authentication technologies.

Conclusion: Users get the peace of mind only a personal portable security device can deliver.  They are freed from worrying about WiFI network warnings.  And they can carry their information and laptop with them, confident that a moment of inattention will not hurt them and potentially thousands of others. 

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