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The goal of a PKI is to establish and maintain a trustworthy networking environment. This goal is achieved by providing key and certificate management services that enable encryption and digital signature capabilities across applications in a way that is transparent and easy to use.
Entrust delivers the following optional components to enhance the public key infrastructure deployment, lower the total cost of ownership and meet unique, organization-specific security requirements.

Entrust's first public-key infrastructure – the world's first commercially available PKI – was released in 1994. Now in its 7th edition, the Entrust Authority™ public-key infrastructure product portfolio is the industry's most relied upon PKI solution. By managing the full lifecycles of digital certificate-based digital identities, Entrust Authority PKI enables encryption, digital signature and authentication capabilities to be consistently and transparently applied across a broad range of applications and platforms. Modular and fully integrated, the Entrust Authority public key infrastructure portfolio is built on the foundation of Entrust Authority™ Security Manager, the Certification Authority (CA) system responsible for issuing and managing users' digital identities. Optional PKI components can then be easily integrated to help meet an organization's unique security requirements and transparently automate all security-related processes through one public-key infrastructure. Entrust Authority also consists of a series of Toolkits to help developers apply best-in-class, public-key infrastructure security to custom applications.

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Entrust Authority™ Security Manager - Manage Your Certification Authority with Ease - In today's electronic world, securing the digital life of your organization means securing the digital lives of your employees and the digital identities of each and every component of your electronic infrastructure. Deploying digital certificates is one way to help enable enterprise security. Entrust Authority™ Security Manager, the world's leading public-key infrastructure (PKI) is designed to help organizations easily manage their security infrastructure. This Certification Authority (CA) system allows you to easily manage the digital keys and certificates that are used within your organization to secure user and device identities.

The Product - Deployed at the server-level, Entrust Authority™ Security Manager software enables valuable security capabilities including digital signature, digital receipt, encryption and permissions management, to be applied across a wide variety of enterprise applications.

Key Features - With the automatic and transparent key and certificate management delivered by Entrust Authority™ Security Manager, users do not need to know anything about security to leverage the enterprise security features. In addition, Security Manager provides key backup and recovery of keys and key history so that organizations can have confidence that encrypted information will not get lost if a user loses his or her keys. With Entrust products, security management is seamless and transparent to the end-use thereby reducing help desk calls. Key features of the software are that it:

  • Securely stores the CA private key
  • Issues certificates for users and to any device or application supporting the X.509 certificate standard
  • Publishes certificate revocation lists (CRLS) that are used to verify whether a user or application's certificate is still trusted by the CA that issued it
  • Maintains an auditable database of users' private key histories for recovery purposes, in the event that users lose their keys

Using Entrust Authority's optional components, organizations can choose to add further security management capabilities including automated enrollment, self-registration and self recovery of digital identities, secure roaming and the use of PINs as an alternative to two-factor authentication. Your Entrust account manager can tell you more about the optional components available for Entrust Authority™ Security Manager.

Technical Features:

  • Automated digital ID management including updates, revocation and recovery
  • Flexible enrollment options including automated enrollment and self-registration
  • Support for unlimited administrators and up to 10 million users per CA
  • Web-based administration for delegated and distributed administrative processes
  • Centrally-managed policies and controls
  • Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified
  • Comprehensive and customizable auditing and reporting
  • Support for peer-to-peer and hierarchical cross certification of CAs
  • Support for certificate standards including X.509 certificate and CRL formats, PKIX-CMP, PKCS#7/10 and SCEP, thus providing interoperability with PKI-aware applications such as virtual private networks, web browsers, email and ebusiness applications
  • Interoperability with LDAP directories (including Microsoft Active Directory), smart cards, OCSP responders and hardware security modules (including SafeNet and nCipher)

Conclusion: Provides ease of certificate management – helps manage the digital identities within your organization for company-wide security, without burdening administration. Simplifies the user experience – users do not need to know anything about public keys and certificates to add security to their communications and transactions. Enables corporate-wide policy management – helps to enforce security policies relating to passwords, administration and digital certificate settings. Offers high levels of interoperability – includes enhanced integration with Microsoft® to help customers leverage existing investments.

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